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Up on the Mountain, Photo Evidence

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Day 217; Footnotes of On Top of the Mountain.

Ho Ho, Hi Ho, into the woods we go. I was sitting here day dreaming when I saw that the weather was going to be absolutely perfect for a hike. A good hike. A hike up the mountain hike. I … Continue reading

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Day 116; Footnotes of Should Have, Could Have, Shouldn’t Have

I really had not planned on a trip to the mountain today. It wasn’t that I had other things planned, I didn’t. I had considered the hike, but not made any moves toward a decision. Then my son, took care … Continue reading

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Day 110; Footnotes of What was That All About?

It was after lunch before Bella and I headed for the mountain, but it is a Tuesday (meaning fewer people) and it was a nice day temperature wise. The minute I parked the Jeep, she was crying to get hiking. … Continue reading

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Day 104; Footnotes of They’re Missing It

 I hike Crowder’s Mountain for several reasons. Other than the obvious of, because I can.  I do it to make sure I get my exercise in. I always take the trail with the 336 steps going up. That trail is … Continue reading

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Butterfly Ballet on the Mountain

I wasn’t sure if Bella and I were going to the mountain today. Monday is normally my son’s day off from work, so for what ever reasons, I stay home. He had to work today so I finally got ready, … Continue reading

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Day 99; Footnotes of Yes… I Can

Today was busy for me. I got Bella ready and off we went to hike the mountain at Crowder’s Mountain State Park. Our usual place for torture… I mean escape and getting into nature. The moment I parked the Jeep … Continue reading

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Day 98: Footnotes of I’m Tougher Than I Look

Maybe, but that doesn’t stop sore muscles. Not long after I got back home with Bella from hiking the mountain (Crowder’s Mountain State Park) I was sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and letting Bella rest from the exertion. … Continue reading

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Well That was Interesting

Bella and I went to Crowder’s Mountain State Park to hike the mountain. She loves to go up there and the minute I let her inside to get her halter on, she was sitting looking from me to it as … Continue reading

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Day 96: Footnotes of Why?

 I knew what I was going to do as soon as I found out how warm it was going to be today. Bella had been wanting to go so badly, and I’ll admit, that I did as well. After getting … Continue reading

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