About Life and Living From a Dirt Road Raised Point of View

I grew up here on this rural dirt lane, with my parents and two brothers, in this very house. My best memories are from here, a place where magic and love happened.  One of the many things that made it even more special is that our maternal grandparents lived right next door. My mother was brought up in a family of love and respect which she readily passed on to us.

With both of our parents working help was needed with keeping up with us, which my Grandmother was happy to handle. We spent summer days with them, and during the school year she came up and waited with us to make sure we caught the bus. She helped make sure homework was done and that days were spent outside in the sunshine.

Growing up here we were sheltered from a lot, which is good and bad, but we were given much better things in exchange. We learned how to entertain ourselves, we got plenty of exercise and our imagination soared.

Over the course of time we have of course learned much about life as we grew and matured. Life has dealt us many blows, many joys and many learning experiences. We have loved, we have lost, we have fought hard and won much. Even when we have lived away from here, here remained in our heart and the lessons learned stayed intact.

Now I seek to share what was, what is, and what may be. I seek to free the writer within, complete with emotions, imagination and intellect. As one who is finding that aging is and is not your friend I seek to find my voice along this journey of living and staying healthy. I seek to remember the good times of youth and the good times of what has happened since. There is a lot I want to, hope to say. Life is for living, words and experiences are for sharing. Let us begin sharing.. and learning from each other.

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