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May Fifth; Deer Don’t Talk

What a day this has been. A day with moments of pain, but more moments of laughter. After my son had been in for lunch and returned to work, I decided it was past time to start working more on … Continue reading

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Day 295; Footnotes about Footsteps Up The Mountain.

Bella (my dog) has been wanting to go to the mountain where we hike. If I dared to leave the house, she would glance toward the car as if asking, “this time?” no my sweet girl, not this time. My … Continue reading

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Day 96: Footnotes of Why?

 I knew what I was going to do as soon as I found out how warm it was going to be today. Bella had been wanting to go so badly, and I’ll admit, that I did as well. After getting … Continue reading

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Day Forty; Footnotes of a Glorious Day.

 I don’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow, but today was as near perfection as you can get. The sky was gloriously clear, the temperature just right for a mountain hike, and it is a weekday which means … Continue reading

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