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Day 288; Footnotes and Photos of the Day’s Hike

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Day 285; Footnotes of What Almost Was

Best laid plans and all that. I had intended on taking Bella and going to hike the trails on the local mountain. It fell through due to having to do something for mom and dad. ah well. I know that … Continue reading

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Day 281; Footnotes and Photos

Soggy. That was today. Currently I am sitting here with some odd program on television and wondering if the drummer across the road is going to start up again. It is currently eleven at night, I can hear his thumping … Continue reading

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Day 253; Footnotes, Some Days Are Simply Too Much So Here are Some Photos From Darlington

I had plans and ideas for this footnotes post. However, my day has been so busy and so don’t stop can’t stop that I am exhausted. Knowing what tomorrow is, I doubt I will get to write it then either … Continue reading

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´┐╝´┐╝September Seventh; Looking Back-Day Two of Darlington and Schmoozing With Drivers

Sleeping in a box in a box. Saturday morning of our camping adventure I awoke realizing the most horrible of things. I had instant coffee, I usually drink brewed but instant is easier in the camper. I had cream, we … Continue reading

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Just Thought I’d Photo Bug Ya a Bit

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Day 212; Footnotes When the Ants Taught me to Dance And Other Painful Lessons

Strange things happen from time to time. Incident One-I was minding my own business, and the business of everyone else across the world wide web when my dogs decided to raise a ruckus outside. I walked over to the door … Continue reading

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Someone Said Take a Hike

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A Photographic Stroll Around the Neighborhood

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July Eighteenth; Yellow

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