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February Eighteenth; When We Realize Where Calm Resides.

There she blows. We knew it was coming as the weather folks had been warning us of the storm’s approach. I made all the preparations that I could just in case. All the while I was hoping that it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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November Twenty-seventh Canine Companion

Bella Before my husband passed away I had found someone with a German shepherd lab mix puppy for sale. My son and I drove across town to see the puppy and then bring her home. She was the last of … Continue reading

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Day 298; Footnotes of It was Definitely a Day That Will be Remembered

Operation, get it done while he’s gone. Mom called me this morning as usual. What was unusual was that I wasn’t up yet. I didn’t tell her, I answered the phone beside the bed and did a really good job … Continue reading

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Day 288; Footnotes and Photos of the Day’s Hike

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Day 285; Footnotes of What Almost Was

Best laid plans and all that. I had intended on taking Bella and going to hike the trails on the local mountain. It fell through due to having to do something for mom and dad. ah well. I know that … Continue reading

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Day 217; Footnotes of On Top of the Mountain.

Ho Ho, Hi Ho, into the woods we go. I was sitting here day dreaming when I saw that the weather was going to be absolutely perfect for a hike. A good hike. A hike up the mountain hike. I … Continue reading

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Husky Update

Last night I was concerned over the Husky that had suddenly appeared on my parent’s porch. We had no idea where it came from and who may be looking for it. A dog that beautiful had to have family somewhere. … Continue reading

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Day 170; Footnotes Because of People, There is No More Room at the Inn

As I write this, I am doing something I don’t normally do. I am waiting to hear back from Animal Control. No, not over the neighbor’s dog, but because for some reason a large Husky has decided to take up … Continue reading

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Day 159; Footnotes of Ouch; And You Call That Dancing?

Well that hurt. This morning moments before my son left for work I asked if he would back my Jeep out of the carport and past his vehicles. There was room to get by his car and camper, but backing … Continue reading

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May Thirteenth; Futile Bath

Many years ago, when my son was in his early teens, we had a dog named Odie who was part of our family. Adopted from a rescue, he was an amazing collection of intelligence, energy, loving and goofiness. He wanted … Continue reading

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