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Day 217; Footnotes of On Top of the Mountain.

Ho Ho, Hi Ho, into the woods we go. I was sitting here day dreaming when I saw that the weather was going to be absolutely perfect for a hike. A good hike. A hike up the mountain hike. I … Continue reading

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Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

I looked outside earlier today to see pink towers across the road at one of the apartments. Unsure what I was looking at I moved out onto the porch so I could change my line of vision. It was an … Continue reading

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Day 196; Footnotes of a Sign? Message? Reminder?

Well today did not go as planned. Someone was supposed to come out and install a new storm door for me. They came out and of course my two alarm systems were in the yard when he arrived. I finally … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fourth; What does all That Have to do With Signs?

Endings are hard. But with every ending, there is a new beginning. I think that endings happen, because that time is done, and it has to move out of the way for what is coming. There is a line in … Continue reading

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February Sixth; Thoughts on Signs

 I’m going to step away from my prompt list. I can do that, it is my list and the words aren’t actually ingrained into stone, even as I do try to stick with it. I like the mental challenge of … Continue reading

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