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January Fifth; Best Laid Plans and Late Bloomers

Which was having none, or so I thought. I watched my son leave for work this morning as I poured a cup of coffee. Today, I had nowhere I needed to be. I was going to sit here enjoying my … Continue reading

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Day 303; Footnotes and Photos… Warning- includes spiders

Because though I did some housework, that lacks excitement. So here are some photos taken while out and about.

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Day 281; Footnotes and Photos

Soggy. That was today. Currently I am sitting here with some odd program on television and wondering if the drummer across the road is going to start up again. It is currently eleven at night, I can hear his thumping … Continue reading

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Day 273; Footnotes Cleaning House

 I was sitting here today, waiting, half expecting mom to need me to take her somewhere, when I decided to do some cleaning.  There wasn’t a lot that needed to be done, but I just felt the earth move motivating … Continue reading

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August Ninth; A Flower Garden of Such Beauty

I’m going to be selfish. If I could ask for a gift, during this month of my birth, I would ask for flowers. I would ask, for the chance, one more time, to see the back of my car filled … Continue reading

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Just Thought I’d Photo Bug Ya a Bit

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Day 209; Footnotes of Bee-lieve it or Not, All ended Well

 That little voice in the back of your head, poking you, telling you that something isn’t right… it. The other day I purchased a gift card for a birthday gift. I goofed times two in the purchase. First, I learned … Continue reading

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Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

I looked outside earlier today to see pink towers across the road at one of the apartments. Unsure what I was looking at I moved out onto the porch so I could change my line of vision. It was an … Continue reading

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July Eighteenth; Yellow

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July Fifth; Considering Art and Artists

 I loved art class in high school. Not because it was an easy class, because with the instructor we had, it definitely wasn’t one of those throw away, fill the time until a have to take class. This person was … Continue reading

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