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October Fifteenth- We Made It

After a week of trying. My son came in for lunch today and his first words were, “I thought you were going to the mountain.” I told him I had hoped to, but. He interrupted with forget the excuses, just … Continue reading

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Day 285; Footnotes of What Almost Was

Best laid plans and all that. I had intended on taking Bella and going to hike the trails on the local mountain. It fell through due to having to do something for mom and dad. ah well. I know that … Continue reading

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Up on the Mountain, Photo Evidence

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Day 82; Footnotes and Photos from the Top Of The Mountain

I found out that it is national puppy day or some such, I’ll tell Bella we celebrated by going to the mountain and not taking Molly.

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Day 79; Footnotes of Happiness

I found out moments ago that today was the International Day of happiness. I wish I had known earlier, I would have expressed my thoughts through the written word. As it is, I’m going to share some of where my … Continue reading

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Day 71; Footnotes of Broken Records And all That Jazz

 Bella and I were back up on the mountain today. That made four days in a row, which is the first time we’ve done that. While my breathing is not as labored now and I no longer look and sound … Continue reading

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Long Walks and Deep Thoughts

 I did go back to hike that mountain. Another beautiful day and all called to me and I couldn’t stay away. I noticed that I stopped less often on the way up, but my leg muscles are screaming. I wish … Continue reading

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Day68; Footnotes of a Hike up Crowder’s Mountain

I love days like today, where the weather is perfect and the mountain calls.. It was a really nice day. The hike was great. The time on topside was great. Bella made a new friend. The hike down was nice. … Continue reading

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Day sixty-two; Footnotes of a Glorious Day

I’m sitting here listening to Molly. She is still outside and growling. My guess is that at least one of the cats is wandering about in the carport. I’m not parking the Jeep in there at the moment so they’re … Continue reading

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A Photo Journal to the Top of Crowder’s Mountain.

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