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May Fifth; Deer Don’t Talk

What a day this has been. A day with moments of pain, but more moments of laughter. After my son had been in for lunch and returned to work, I decided it was past time to start working more on … Continue reading

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Day 336; Footnotes of Just Where Did These Feet Take Me Today?

When I say I’m going to get out more, I mean it. Its been weeks since Bella and I have been to hike the mountain. I called Molly inside and closed the door. By the time I walked the few … Continue reading

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October Fifteenth- We Made It

After a week of trying. My son came in for lunch today and his first words were, “I thought you were going to the mountain.” I told him I had hoped to, but. He interrupted with forget the excuses, just … Continue reading

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Day 285; Footnotes of What Almost Was

Best laid plans and all that. I had intended on taking Bella and going to hike the trails on the local mountain. It fell through due to having to do something for mom and dad. ah well. I know that … Continue reading

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Up on the Mountain, Photo Evidence

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Day 82; Footnotes and Photos from the Top Of The Mountain

I found out that it is national puppy day or some such, I’ll tell Bella we celebrated by going to the mountain and not taking Molly.

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Day 79; Footnotes of Happiness

I found out moments ago that today was the International Day of happiness. I wish I had known earlier, I would have expressed my thoughts through the written word. As it is, I’m going to share some of where my … Continue reading

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Day 71; Footnotes of Broken Records And all That Jazz

 Bella and I were back up on the mountain today. That made four days in a row, which is the first time we’ve done that. While my breathing is not as labored now and I no longer look and sound … Continue reading

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Long Walks and Deep Thoughts

 I did go back to hike that mountain. Another beautiful day and all called to me and I couldn’t stay away. I noticed that I stopped less often on the way up, but my leg muscles are screaming. I wish … Continue reading

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Day68; Footnotes of a Hike up Crowder’s Mountain

I love days like today, where the weather is perfect and the mountain calls.. It was a really nice day. The hike was great. The time on topside was great. Bella made a new friend. The hike down was nice. … Continue reading

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