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Day 295; Footnotes about Footsteps Up The Mountain.

Bella (my dog) has been wanting to go to the mountain where we hike. If I dared to leave the house, she would glance toward the car as if asking, “this time?” no my sweet girl, not this time. My … Continue reading

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Day 178; Footnotes of I Lost My Happy Thought

Where oh where did that serene feeling go? I had a long rant written about something that happened here today. Twice. Then I thought better of sharing that. To share that might make me feel better for a moment, but … Continue reading

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April Twenty-sixth; Stressed?

The word of the day, stressed. How could I possibly be stressed? I mean, think about it…this is my usual morning: Where once I was rudely awakened by the alarm going off at 4AM, I now rise on my own … Continue reading

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