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Day 202; Footnotes of Birthdays, Bouncing, Believing that God Does Still Speak

I looked outside earlier today to see pink towers across the road at one of the apartments. Unsure what I was looking at I moved out onto the porch so I could change my line of vision. It was an … Continue reading

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A Visual Rendering

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Butterfly Ballet on the Mountain

I wasn’t sure if Bella and I were going to the mountain today. Monday is normally my son’s day off from work, so for what ever reasons, I stay home. He had to work today so I finally got ready, … Continue reading

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Day 95; Footnotes of Catch Me If You Can

 Bella is not going to be happy with me. Molly has worn a training collar for almost a year now, for the longest, Bella would also react to the sound of the beep on Molly’s collar. At times she even … Continue reading

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Day Sixty-three; Footnotes on Lessons from a Butterfly- part 2

  I wrote part one this morning, fully intending to get back and do part 2 way before now. But then I took a hike, got into a long conversation with mom as soon as I got home, and then … Continue reading

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March Fourth; Taking Lessons from the Butterfly-part one

 My routine was slightly altered this morning. I got up knowing I was going to take my son to work as while he got the part for his car, he didn’t get to work on his car. Apparently yesterday was … Continue reading

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