Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; The Holiday Blues

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The Meaning of Dreams part 4

The Holiday Blues
Once I felt the shrinking stop, I dared to open my eyes and look first at myself. I had gone from just under five feet nine, to maybe at best two inches tall. Turning my eyes toward the landscape around me I immediately felt overwhelmed. Everything looked very strange from this perspective.

 What had been a rather small pond, now had the appearance of an ocean. The small lightening bugs now appeared more like passenger planes flying overhead. An out of time dandelion would have made an amazing bed. Size definitely made a World of Difference in how things were.

What was going to happen next I had no clue. Standing where I was, I waited. I had no choice actually. I felt as if I were now in a living version of that old television program the Twilight Zone, and if I wanted any chance or escaping this, I had better do a better job of cooperating with whom ever was behind the disembodied voice.

 Hearing the sound of marching I turned slightly and watched as a line of people and yet not people appeared from the darkness. Each carrying a small stone that glowed brightly, lighting their way. Suddenly every story, tale and fable I had ever heard or read on fairies came to mind. This, could not be real.Was I dreaming yet? Still trapped in the unexpected nap and finding myself in my own wonderland? Most only marginally taller than I was, with a sturdy build but with facial features that showed their elven birth. 

Stopping before me the first spoke only. “Follow us”. Then immediately turned and started in the direction from which they had came. As I started to follow my mind of course began running wild with thoughts and questions. What risk was I taking here? Was this not one of my nightmare as a child? Would I walk away from here with my life once again as I knew it? A lot of questions with no immediate answers.

 Following the marchers under the bridge that was over the pond that wasn’t supposed to be there I watched as what seemed to be a door opened with a bright light shining outward. The marchers stopped and motioned for me to enter before them. Taking a deep breath, I passed the line and walked into the light. 

Standing before me dressed in what could only be considered royal garments, was the one who had to be the one in charge of this group. Bright, with multicolored stones that glowed colors to match. A chain of miniature golden dandelion hung around his neck, in his hand a staff of gnarled honeysuckle vine. His every vestment showed a homage to nature. His eyes as they took in my appearance seemed to change color with each emotion that crossed his mind.

“Welcome. You have questions I am sure.”

“Well yeah, the first one being I was told I had been brought back in time, only how could I have been brought back in time to something that was never here before?” Realizing my outburst I took a quick in drawn breath and waited for the reaction I feared.

Instead, I saw a smile form.”You are as wise and quick as I thought. You will do nicely for our needs. You will be called Amiko, friend.”

“Needs?” This was getting more and more confusing as it went. I was wondering if I had began to suffer some form of holiday blues or winter blues or a case of the Blues Brother blues, but this was like some odd chess game of hints and clues that were making no sense. 

Holding out his hand as invitation the elder before me spoke, “Follow me, I will explain to you the whole truth.

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About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; The Holiday Blues

  1. Can’t wait to hear the full explanation. 8 points Earthling

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  3. falcon1974 says:

    But can any of us handle the truth? Because the truth is out there. I seem to be rambling in quotes today. Another fine chapter Rebecca.

  4. The truth is indeed out there. Can we handle it? I fear that is a difficult question to answer, especially with the way folks are nowadays. Thank you my friend, as always it is good to see you.

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