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The Meaning of Dreams, Part Five
The Meeting

 Following the Elder through a labyrinth, deeper into the ground I quickly became disoriented. Were we going up, down, still slightly below the surface of deep into the ground? In the darkness and confined space I had no way of knowing. When I caught the toe of my boot on a stone and stumbled, catching my balance by placing my hand on a near wall, the world around me lit up in glorious colors. I stood there ignoring the Elder, as I looked around, amazed at the scene before me. What had been almost complete darkness but for the glow of the stones on the Elder’s garments, now would dazzle even those accustomed to sights such as this. The lights, the sparkle, the brilliance, in this hall, outshone even the most glamorous of Hollywood celebrations.

This was grander though as it was natural. There was no glare that came with the light here, the hall was now brightly lit but, softly. The colors reflecting off of and blending in with each other were actually welcoming instead of blinding. In with the light were glints of sparkles. I moved to get a closer look when the Elder spoke.”Never mind all that, we have much to discuss and time is short. With this your first time at sizing, it cannot last too long.” 

That got my attention. I really didn’t want to be stuck this size after all. If that was what he was hinting at. Turning away from the wall I stepped forward.  We continued down a long hallway finally entering what appeared to be a large, central meeting room. The Elder turned to his right and passing several doorways, finally entered one. All this time he had been silent. Leaving me to my own inner wonder and questions. This room as all the others was lit by the glowing stones. The glitter and sparkle on the walls though was brighter, more pronounced. Here I could see that the sparkle was created by the light from the other stones refracting through hundreds of small diamonds.  The room was large and filled with various types of seating. It was meant to be comfortable as well as functional. He had taken a seat and watched me as I glanced around. 

“Amiko, you have been brought here to alert you to training that is to come.”

Well that was confusing. It must have shown as he continued before I could speak.

“There is coming a time, when we will not be safe. Even as we are hidden, possibly because of the secrecy, there will be dangers. We will need someone in the human realm to assist and protect us. From the dangers of your world’s intervention. You will need to be trained in the ways of our people, that you will be able to use among yours.”

“Um, I’m not a fighter.”

At that the Elder smiled, “That much is very true. You have been watched. You have been weighed, you have been measured, you have been found wanting


The Elder smiled, “One day you will recall that hearing that statement, until then, hear this, you will be taught how to fight. You will be taught how to be like one with the animals. You will be taught ways that you had no comprehension even existed, for they are our ways. You will NOT learn these ways to be a danger to the innocent, for protecting the innocent will also be your mission…”

“To protect and serve.” I mumbled, interrupted the Elder.

Appearing more than slightly miffed, he continued, “Yes, to protect and serve. That is the way. To put others above self at all times. To have an inner strength and mindset that is quick to act, even quicker to think. To be able to walk into a room and immediately know fully what you are seeing.”

“I do that now.” I was not happy he took me to be unable to understand what I saw.

“Really? Then of course you know that  the light is being refracted from clear crystals, not diamonds.”

Straightening from the slouched position I had somehow came to stand, I looked carefully at the Elder. How did he know what I had thought?

The Elder had the audacity to laugh. “I didn’t get to be this age without my own lessons.” Then, “Follow me.”

Walking by me he returned to the central room. Empty when we had entered, was now filled with others.Looking from the room to the Elder, I hesitated, then asked, “Are you fairies, or ….?”

It was the Elders time to interrupt, saving me from my confusion. “We are the Secret Ones. We are from a time before, and should be here until time itself ends. We hold no official classification as you are the first human with whom we have faced. Our watchers of time, has warned us that our time of secrecy is endangered and may be coming to an end. We need someone to be the liaison between our world and yours.”

Turning back to look out across the room I saw while they were standing as one large group, there were also sections among them. Easily recognized by dress. While what appeared to be the guard in their dress uniforms, sharp and bright, the civilians among them were also in clothing that shown with a light embedded within the threads.

 The Elder beside me then turned from me to the group before us. “This is Amiko, our human friend. She will begin to visit with us, to learn of us and from us. As she learns our ways, and grows in understanding of us, so shall we learn and grow in understanding of the human ways.” 

Why did that scene from the Wizard of Oz suddenly pop into my mind right then. I did feel as confused as Dorothy must have upon meeting the Munchkins. The Elder kept speaking, but I had become distracted. When the laughter around me brought my attention back to the matter at hand. The Elder was staring at me bemused.I could not stop the blush that crept up my face. What had I missed.

“We’ll work on that attention span.” the Elder told me, then faced the group and waved them off in dismissal. “Follow me.” Within moments we were standing at the doorway between the worlds.

“Before you step outside and return to your human size, see this.” The Elder motioned toward the doorway as he spoke. Outside was a giant dragonfly. Beautiful in coloring it glowing in the night.

“This, is Treasure. Treasure will be the messenger between us. When it is time for you to join us here, when we have need of you. Treasure will come for you.”

Before I could respond he continued. “Go now, you are too close to the limit of time.”

Stepping out the doorway I immediately returned to my normal size. Looking around the world had seemingly changed, returning to what I knew. Shrugging I began to make my way toward the path that would take me home. I had to be dreaming. As I reached the path, just before setting foot in the cleared way, I felt the briefest shift in the air movement. Turning I saw the dragon fly beside me. There for a moment then gone. A reminder this wasn’t a dream. As I walked up the steps into the house it dawned on me. I may have had the meeting, but I still had not been told the Elder’s name. Part one Part Two Part Three part four

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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13 Responses to Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; Meeting the Secret Ones

  1. I like how you are setting up the beginning of the stories.

  2. That is a pretty huge mission. 8 points Earthling

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  4. What do they say Marvin? Go big or go home? Thank you my friend..

  5. falcon1974 says:

    It always stings when you are told you were found wanting.

  6. I recall that scene from the film. I love the description of their underworld, sounds lovely. Great continuation. Can’t wait to read more.

  7. Thank you. Their world does seem amazing. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  8. Lovely story!! I like how it all unfolds. 🙂

  9. Thank you Christine. From you, that is a wonderful compliment.

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