Not Just Another Blogophilia Write: Wall of Confusion

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The Secret of Dreams: part six

Wall of Confusion

Several days had passed since that weird meeting. Thoughts of magic dragon fly, tiny secret people and landscapes changed, kept me staring at a wall of confusion. Did that really happen or not? It seems that if it had happened, then I would have had contact with them, but no. The woods had been silent of any messages, brought by dragonfly or butterfly or even horsefly. The silence making me more certain it had not been real. It had all been just some shenanigans played by a tired, groggy mind.

 Shaking the thoughts off I made my way outside. Spring would arrive soon and there would be a lot of clearing away and cleaning up of Autumn and Winter’s mess. When the leaves had begun falling at the end of summer I had barely glanced at the rakes. I would clean everything up after winter was done and anything overwintering in the leaves would have moved on.

I wouldn’t lie, I was more than ready for warm temperatures. Thoughts of open windows, bon fires in the back yard, Dancing in the Moonlight, played on  loop in my mind. 

Walking away from the house and toward the area I had created to be a personal walking track I was lost in thought. Making plans, creating dreams about how my yard could look if I put forth just a bit of effort. So lost in thought, I was beyond distracted.

When the dragonfly appeared directly in front of my face I was startled and stopped in my tracks. Watching it dance back and forth on the breeze that wall of confusion returned. What on earth was this all about? The dragonfly landed on a small branch and stared at me.

Glancing around I saw that it was alone. There was no tiny person riding it, no other dragonfly with it. Just this one. That now sat and stared at me as if I was supposed to know or realize something. Thinking hard I replayed the conversation from a few days ago in my mind. Training. There would be training. That Elder who wouldn’t, didn’t share his name said there would be training. But, what sort and how?

 Taking my eyes off the dragonfly I glanced around me at the woods I loved. Everything seemed the same, nothing of concern. But. I was looking at the surface, in water, it was always what was under the surface that was a danger. So what, could possibly be different? What was I not seeing? 

Inhaling deeply I held my breath so even the sound of my breathing would not disturb the quiet. Standing still, I listened. Making note of every sound and identifying them in turn. Then, there was one that was out of place.  Turning my head slightly I exhaled gently. Focusing on the sound I narrowed in on where it was coming from.

 Not ten feet away from where I stood was a fallen log. Watching it carefully, its appearance not unusual at first glance. Then I saw the slight movement. Walking closer I stooped down and watched as the bark shifted and moved ever so slightly. Reaching out I lifted the bark away from the tree and exposed the individual beneath. Raising from the prone position the one sent from the mystery people, from a place that doesn’t exist. At least not yet. 

Lifting their hand the dragonfly left the branch to land next to the one I had just uncovered. Climbing onto the dragonfly’s back the mystery one climbed aboard and they disappeared among the trees. Standing, staring off into the woods I instinctively knew this was only the beginning.

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About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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11 Responses to Not Just Another Blogophilia Write: Wall of Confusion

  1. Lovely episode. I adore dragonflies and all the magic that comes with them.

  2. Thank you Christine. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to talk to me this week and share or not. I’m glad they did, but it seems that lesson was much too easy.

  3. likamarie says:

    I love dragonflies, too! In Japan, they are good luck, and in Native folklore, it represents endless possibilities.

    • One moment that forever sticks out in my mind, I walked out of the woods one day into a clearing. There was hundreds of dragonfly dancing about in the sunlight. Strangely enough, the batteries in both cameras were suddenly dead. I couldn’t capture what I was watching in any way other than my memory. I watched this for a good twenty minutes before they began to disappear.

  4. Having the world turned upside down would certainly take some getting used to. 8 points Earthling

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  6. Thank you Marvin. It would definitely not be boring..

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