Day 320; Footnotes of If I Only Had a Quarter for Every Leaf

I hurt.

My day had an interesting enough start. Just as I came stumbling out of bed and through the house my son tells me, “That was Grandma.” “What was Grandma?” On the phone, that was Grandma. She has a light burned out and needs one of us to go change it as they can’t see in that room” “Does she need it right this minute?” “She said no.” I still started my coffee, got dressed, then walked down to see what light needed changed. It was in the wash room, high ceiling meaning a step ladder was needed and neither mom nor dad needed to be standing on a ladder of any kind. Grabbing the step ladder I removed the blown bulb while she got the replacement. Within moments the light was replaced and mom could once again see what she was tossing into that washer.

Leaving mom happy I returned home to take care of my morning activities. Knowing that mom was wanting to go to the big box store for batteries and more light bulbs. (This will be important in a few moments.) I wrote my blog and published it then went out back and fed the not so stray cats. Its amazing the difference in them all. Now they seek a bit of attention first, then food and water. I do need to get out there and clear the steps of leaves.

After my son had come in for lunch and left again, I called to see if she was still wanting to go shopping.  But of course.

I get down there and dad is out front raking leaves onto a tarp. Mom brings me the cane that was in my car and I gave her the one that I had retrieved from the same big box store we were preparing to head out for. We arrive and I get parked. Helping mom across the roadway to the sidewalk we enter the building. Our first stop was the battery display. They didn’t have the brand she prefers but she still got the size she wanted. From there it was to the light bulbs. After searching for a while she finally found what she was wanting. I was wanting tea bags so we headed across the store. As we reached the pet department she immediately asked to see if they had the dog food her pup eats. The dog food then went into the cart. I then go and find the tea I was wanting. Before we got far, mom then wanted to find something for dad. Some sort of biscuit he was eating for breakfast only it technically isn’t a breakfast biscuit. Which makes it difficult to find when you’re looking among the breakfast items. She did find it though and that is all that matters. Mom’s batteries and light bulbs list grew though nothing was frivolous.

Now the hurting part.

I got mom home, got her bags inside as dad was sitting outside saying something to mom. I heard my name so I knew he needed something. Especially since his tarp was full of leaves, waiting. He wanted me to see if I could drag the tarp of leaves behind the house and down to the edge of the woods. I did, then before he could say anything about raking more, I waved bye and went home. I had a plan.

I found my yard gloves, my mask and my safety glasses. Walking outside I pulled the mower from the carport. I checked the gas and oil level and then pushed it up to the mid point of my yard beside my driveway. Firing up the mower I began mulching leaves. Have I mentioned that my parent’s yard is much larger than my front yard? It took well over an hour, going on two, to finish their yard. I didn’t try to get it perfect as there are still leaves yet to fall. It does look much better though. I cleared most of the yard, made sure the path to my house was clear and then moved around and cleared a path for mom in her back yard down to the edge of the woods. That way she can easily see where she’s walking when she carries left over food down to the edge of the woods to toss out for what ever comes along hungry.

Mom also had a box she needed moved to her storage building. I helped get it out of her house and set it on the back porch, walked down to the building and opened the door, then went back for the box. That stashed safely away I headed for home. Me and the mower that can. I do have a riding mower that I was given several years ago, but as mom observed, the push mower gives me more exercise. That and its easier to push it around and among the trees and flowers in their yard.

Still, as I sit here, some odd program playing on the television, my muscles screaming, I am happy. I’m happy that I am able to do things that help my parents. Whether it is a shopping trip, a car ride to escape for a moment, or taking a push mower and mulching the zillion Oak leaves in a giant yard. It eases dad’s mind that the yard is cleaner which means that’s one thing less for him to gripe to mom about. I know, it is merely out of frustration because as badly as they want to still be able to do for themselves, they know it simply isn’t possible. They also know that we are here and we will help. But honestly, if I only had a quarter..

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 320; Footnotes of If I Only Had a Quarter for Every Leaf

  1. John says:

    It’s so wonderful how you help your folks! Do you have a cordless leaf blower? That would help move the leaves to the edge of the yard. Using the tarp is a great idea, did it!

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