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Day 320; Footnotes of If I Only Had a Quarter for Every Leaf

I hurt. My day had an interesting enough start. Just as I came stumbling out of bed and through the house my son tells me, “That was Grandma.” “What was Grandma?” On the phone, that was Grandma. She has a … Continue reading

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Day 83; Footnotes of What, in the Name of Anything, Was I Thinking?

Brain; You know what would be a good thing to do? Body; “No, what?” Brain; “Get busy clearing the garden and yard.” Body; “That does sound like a fun challenge.” Seven hours later…Body; “Brain……you are an idiot.” I will be … Continue reading

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Day 81; Footnotes of Leaves and Unwanted Thoughts Begone

 I needed a distraction. I had something that was on my mind and I was tired of allowing it that space.  Thoughts that served no purpose and solved no issues. Mental meanderings that if not stopped, would only send me … Continue reading

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