October Fifth-Day 278; Footnotes of a Summer Autumn Day

I still haven’t fixed my shelves from where they have fallen. I still have books piled up on my desk waiting. I did not get a blog written this morning. I started several times but couldn’t finish what I started. I now have several drafts saved that I can revisit and revise to make them usable at some future date.

My son got home from Talladega at midnight. He had been to the races and didn’t want to use one of his remaining vacation days, making him determined to get home. Those who follow the races know that it rained Sunday so the race, or most of it, was run on Monday. My son is not a fan of the driver who won for many reasons. But then there are several drivers of which he is not a fan. Mostly due to attitude and overall personality or lack of personality. As soon as it become apparent that they were going to call the race and the unfavored one was going to be declared winner he left, but he said he wasn’t alone. What ever the reason I’m glad he left when he did as it helped him get home. He still got up and went to work this morning. He had to ride his motorcycle as when he got home he just pulled in, parked, and left the car hooked to the camper. Or vice versa.

After lunch I had to make a run to the bank and took mom with me. We weren’t gone long but it gave her a few moments out of the house so there is that. The bank wasn’t terribly crowded, but the transactions people were making and computers in no hurry, meant a wait. I wasn’t in any real hurry, mom hadn’t come in but I had parked directly in front of the door so I could see. Besides, I knew what was waiting on me at home.

A while back someone graciously gave us some firewood. They unloaded the wood in the corner of where our driveway and a turn around point in the drive meet. It is only a problem when my son needs to turn around so he can back the camper into its parking spot. Like… today. I knew I had to get at least some of it moved so he could back in a way to get the camper where he needed it to go. I have what is left of a gorilla cart, after that tree fell on the thing. It was an amazing cart to have right up until that point. It was damaged in a way that any real weight on it caused it to not roll correctly or easily. Still, I have been able to use it, up until today. At least one of the tires is flat. Meaning I couldn’t use the cart, but I still needed to move the wood.

With no other method available, I began to carry the wood from where it was piled, to where I have the other wood stacked. Depending on how heavy the pieces were, I could carry from three to five pieces. Off to one side there is a smaller pile that is wood that is going to need to be split, I added a few pieces to that, mainly because I really didn’t want to try to carry them. I carried load after load around the camper, from the pile, down the driveway, around my son’s trailer and added it to the stacked wood. My right arm is scraped up, bruised and has a few bites from angry ants that had made a home in the pile. Mom did see me at one point and yell up here offering me use of her wheelbarrow but its partially broken and would have taken too long trying to get it to remain standing, so I carried it a armload at a time. I did stop at one point to take a break and get something to drink. I wasn’t back at it long before mom came up to gossip. Which meant stopping to listen. By the time she left I was no longer motivated to move much more.

I went back to the pile and began tossing the wood that was on the side next to the drive over to behind the pile. While not getting the wood to where I need it to be, it did get it out of the way giving my son more room to turn around. I’m also hoping that between now and the time I go back to finish moving the wood, all of the critters I was uncovering would move on. Ants, earthworms, centipede, various beetles, grand daddy long leg spiders and other types of arachnid have made their homes among the pieces of firewood. The good thing was that I didn’t uncover anything reptilian. I’m reasonably sure that would have cut my wood moving time shorter than it was.

When my son came in from work I helped direct him as he backed the camper down beside the house into its safe spot. He unloaded all of the dirty linens and clothing and staged it next to the washer. If it rains tomorrow, I may or may not do some of it for him. The blankets anyway as they are mine. I had left them in there from our Darlington trip in case he needed them for this one.

I do need to make a run to the grocery store. I am almost completely out of dog food and the people food isn’t looking good either. I dread going because stuff has gotten so expensive. I would go back to work, or at least seek work, but for mom and dad. I know they need me. Yesterday and the drier event one more moment of proof that I am needed here for them. If I were to return to work even part time, that would be time when they wouldn’t have someone easily accessible.

No matter what, I have all faith, that God will provide. So I will not worry. https://biblehub.com/matthew/6-34.htm

I know, that God has provided for us many times in the past. We have been given many blessings in our times of need. He has been with and provided for me since I lost my husband and especially since I lost my job. I may not be able to afford steaks, but there is nothing wrong with hamburger. The more pricey restaurants may be really good, but when we can go out, the Cracker Barrel is fine. It also teaches me self control as I wander about the retail side while waiting for a table.

Right now, as I write this, the hour of 10 PM eastern standard time, is approaching quickly. The evening meal long out of the way, the kitchen cleaned. The dogs have been fed, and even the now not so stray cats, who were banging on the door seeking more, were given another helping of dry food. The extra bags that were gifted to me by a friend made that possible. The crickets are singing outside, night like a blanket has covered the land. Soon I will call in the dogs and close the open windows. The temperature today was amazing. Global warming maybe, but I can deal with that much easier. Even if I am attempting to move firewood by armload. (Of course if anyone wants to bless me with a new, not squashed cart…I’m not proud..but I am joking)

Its been a really good day. I am very content with this Summer Autumn type of day.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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