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October Fifth-Day 278; Footnotes of a Summer Autumn Day

I still haven’t fixed my shelves from where they have fallen. I still have books piled up on my desk waiting. I did not get a blog written this morning. I started several times but couldn’t finish what I started. … Continue reading

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October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

 Another day, another month. Here we sit, October has arrived. The tenth month of the year. Some may wonder, how did we get here so quickly? Others may be asking, what has taken so long? And yet, here we are… … Continue reading

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Day 243; Footnotes Southern Summer

 For the last day of August, it hasn’t been bad. The usual hot and sticky right up until it started raining. Even that has eased off for the moment. The crickets are singing their night time serenade while they can … Continue reading

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June Twenty First; The Longest Day of the Year Verses the Longest Six Hours

I won’t lie, I love long days. This may actually be one of my favorite days of the year. Summer, my favorite season has begun. Bring on the heat. Those who know me, think me a bit crazy, well okay, … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fifth; Muddy Puddles

 The sky is not pretty this morning. I’m looking out the window while waiting on mom to call, and wondering what I will get done today. Will I continue with yard work, or go hike the mountain? ? In all … Continue reading

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March Twentieth; And the Word of the day, Renew(ing) the Spirit and Memories

 I think, therefore I shall. I believe that today would be a good day to renew the spirit through a walk down memory lane. It is the first official day of Spring after all, what better day than this?  The sun … Continue reading

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November Fifteenth; For Which Season am I Thankful?

When I think of seasons, the four seasons of the year naturally pop into my mind first. But, wait, there is more. 1) Considering the yearly seasons.   a) Winter, not actually a favorite because of the cold temperatures. But … Continue reading

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Writing and Breathing

            I’ve been writing blogs for a while now. It depends on the mood as to whether it is something fictional, or a retelling of a youthful adventure, or a nonfiction blog on being healthier or on my cancer battle … Continue reading

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