Day 277; Footnotes of What Does One Do When Social Media is Down?

My son took off for a Talladega race weekend. He is on his way home now. Driving his Charger, pulling that camper. So I am currently doing the mom thing, worrying. Even as I try my best not to worry. Even as I pray, it still slips in and I worry. Not so much over his actions, but the actions of others. So, I sit here and wait.

Today was one of those days that tended to just be odd.

I was minding my business and everyone else’s business on social media when I heard a truck pulling down the dirt road. When I looked, it was backing up to the first apartment. The way the shrubbery grows along my fence, I really couldn’t see what was going on. I didn’t care until my dogs went crazy. Checking I saw a big dog walking in the road. I feared that someone was moving in and we were about to deal with round two of neighbors and leash laws, Instead, it turned out to be my nephew’s dog who had slipped away. We think he was looking for ‘his’ kids who had not come in from school yet. Once he was back home and my dogs calmed down, I let them back outside.

Mom called me and asked if I would dry a load of clothes for her because her drier had just stopped. One minute it was working, the next not. I walked down to get the wash and found her outside trying to look under her back porch trying to find where the vent was as she feared that it was clogged up. Guess who got to crawl under the back porch? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t my mom. Thankfully there was enough room I wasn’t having to belly crawl. I cleaned out the vent as best that I was able, but that wasn’t the issue.

Mom ended up calling my brother who said he would be out as soon as he was able. I got the towels dried that she was working on, and had just got back in my house from taking them to mom when my brother showed up. I walked back down and did what little I could to try and help. He did manage to get it working again, some kind of heat fuse or sensor or some such. It was something he had at home so all he had to do was run home and fetch it, coming right back if possible. Once he was back and had it repaired, I went down to help move some things back in place. To say mom was happy is an understatement.

There were some things that happened today, that showed once again how my parents are aging. They were both so disappointed that they couldn’t simply fix the problem. Upset they had to call us for help. Neither my brother or I minded being called. My son told me before he knew the problem, that if it wasn’t fixed when he got home he’d look at it. I know that if my nephew knew about it, he would have been right over. Mom and dad know that, and are thankful, but that doesn’t stop the frustrations. Dad also had issues with the remote to his television, but my son will tell you that I have issues with these thousand button remotes.

As so many know, a lot of the usual social media apps have been down today. I, like many others, wasn’t sure at first until I saw a news article. Funny how much other stuff one can get done when not down that rabbit hole.

Mom walked up here at one point. I had training collars on both dogs. When they started barking at mom, one bump reminded them. You could not have asked for better behaved dogs. They lay down at my feet and didn’t make another sound. Molly kept giving mom that sad eyed, “I’m so sorry I barked at you” expression.

Dad went out at one point to where we had piled up the wood he had cut into sections. I don’t know what he used, I’m guessing a hatchet, to cut the wood up into smaller pieces for his kindling. By the time he finished he had cut up everything we had sawed earlier and nearly filled up the bucket inside their garage. It was sad in a way, seeing him so excited over that simple accomplishment, but it was also wonderful that he is still able to do that much. 92 can be hard.

Right now, as I sit here waiting, I’m listening to the traffic on the main road and the crickets in my back yard. The dogs are quiet at the moment but I know will wander back around to the door wanting inside. Its still nice outside, the temperature in the upper 60 Fahrenheit range. Supper is on the stove in case my son is hungry when he gets home. We both have the life 360 app on our phones but it seems to be having one of those, ‘just not feeling it’ moments and not updating his location often. I wouldn’t be quite as concerned if he wasn’t towing that camper because I’ve watched how much of a degree of difficulty that adds to a simple drive. Okay  yeah, I’m borrowing trouble, but its that or watch this weird weather program on television. Nothing like a good water funnel or strange blue lights in the sky with no explanation to calm one’s nerves. 

My son will be home soon. While I wait, I can sit and contemplate the events of the day. Remembering my parents as the people who could do anything, and understanding their frustrations at the restrictions that age has placed on what they are now capable of doing. Knowing that I will gladly do anything and everything to help them with any needs. I know, that the rest of the family feels the same way. Life is difficult enough, more so when age puts limits on a once unlimited life. If we can step in and help make it in any way less difficult, then we will step in and do so with thanksgiving in that they are still with us. Step in, and help with love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 277; Footnotes of What Does One Do When Social Media is Down?

  1. John says:

    Beautiful photos, Rebecca. I looked online, it seems that FB and IG, sadly owned by the idiots at FB, was down on a worldwide basis today along with others. I have no issue with either service dropping off of the internet, for good.

    • I actually saw where many said the same in various ways. It really has become a demon of sorts taking up way too much of everyone’s time. An addiction where you’re afraid not to go there out of fear of missing out on something.

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