Day 175; Footnotes of Working Miracles

 I made it. Some how or other, without a nap, I made it.  My hope now is that my mind and body have decided to get revenge and not allow me to sleep when I do go to bed. Hopefully not long from now. But it is going to be an interesting night I believe. I’ll explain in a few minutes.

I had a meeting planned this morning with the two other ladies who are in charge of changing the church sign. I signed on to help with that a  while back. I am the same with that as I was with Vacation Bible School, in other words, they lead, I follow…instructions. The lady I am helping comes up with the ideas, she works on one side and I the other. Short work and done.Today’s meeting was for us to get together and come up with ideas for the sign. We each went through various books searching for inspiration. We knew we had limited time as there would be a class coming in to the building we were in an hour after we arrived. I think we still managed to get a good bit accomplished.

 I was supposed to go by the post office on the way home. I remembered after I had been home a while, but that mind like mush thing had me not wanting to go anywhere that involved driving. Driving sleepy is the same as distracted or intoxicated, any of it can cause an accident. So, I stayed here and hope to get by the post office tomorrow.

I sat out back a couple of times today trying to get the multitude of cats to if not trust me, at least not fear me. Fuzzy has gotten to where she doesn’t run as much, as long as I don’t make any suspicious moves. The kittens though have been taught well by their mom and disappear before you can snap a finger. I’ll keep trying though. I really want to find them homes if possible.

I didn’t try to do any walking. I didn’t want the neighbors thinking I was intoxicated or something. Staggering around and yawning repeatedly. And that swing, sitting there in the shade, just kept calling to me like a siren, promising me a nice nap.

I did however go down to the garden to see what was ready. I came back with a zucchini, a cucumber, a few sweet pepper and a lot of cherry tomatoes, along with one large enough to make a sandwich. I have the mayo and salt and pepper ready.

Now, the reason that I believe sleep is going to be interesting tonight. My son informed me around lunch time today he heard kittens under our bathroom floor. Not long afterwards I heard them as well. They are under the floor, right next to my bedroom. At one point this evening, my dog Bella, was stretched out in the floor here next to me. All the way on the other end of the house. Two of the windows is open so the sounds of the night are filling the room. There is a radio playing softly in the kitchen, yet it can be heard. All of the other sounds of life going on in the house and outside. All of a sudden, Bella jumps and runs through the house. By the time this oldish body caught up with her, she was in the bathroom right up against the wall the kittens are beneath. And she was trying to get closer. I got her out of the bathroom and back in here. I then told my son that when Bella is in the house, as long as the kittens are under there, the door has to be closed. I know those kittens will be meowing during the night. I know she will hear them. Will I be able to get any sleep? Time will tell.

My ordinary, not unusual, somewhat boring, unexciting day.

I’ve been watching this series called The Chosen, about the life of Jesus. It is bringing the people to life, showing the day to day of they journey. Parts of it mundane, preparing camp, finding firewood, a lot of walking. They are growing in numbers, and adjusting to the differences among them. There are the moments when Jesus does a miracle, there are moments of excitement. But, in the showing of the ordinary, it seems to make it more real. Reading the Bible, you see the people written about, nondescript dimensions. Words on a page. They were real, but it is difficult to actual see them as real.

 Watching this, I am better able to envision the dusty roads, the smoke from the fire built with damp wood, the crowds that gathered. I can imagine the sick, the lame, the hurting as they met Jesus. I can imagine them, joyful in their healing.

The movie, The Passion of Christ, made me cry. Watching Jesus as he was scourged, made to carry His cross and then hung to die. In that movie, I felt the pain. In this series, I can see, and feel the struggles, but it also makes me smile with each joyful moment. Seeing Lord Jesus in His time of being fully man while still fully God. In His thirty-three years, He lived a life that had ordinary, not unusual, somewhat boring, unexciting days. I think, that those days were precious and few once His ministry started.

What am I getting at?

I think, that in our own ways, through the gifts we have been given, we too can work miracles among the normal. No, I don’t think we can heal the blind by making a spit poultice and sending them to wash. I think that we can find ways to heal the hurt of the land by love, by taking the time to understand. That we can make and be a difference, through compassion. I think that we can help the poor by giving, sharing what we have. I think we can feed the hungry by sharing, and by volunteering at food kitchens. I think, we can help provide housing by working with groups such as Habitat for Humanity. We can help man suicide hot lines. There are many ways, that we can work miracles, if we would only open our heart in faith and love for our neighbors.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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