June Twenty-fifth; Growing Through and Because of Those Wonky Times

Well today started out a bit wonky.


I awoke to the bright light of morning slipping in between the blinds over my windows. It was mere moments after seven which is around the time I usually awaken. That wasn’t what was all out of kilter. For what ever reason, the first thought to enter my mind was, “What is my home phone number?” Currently we do still have a home phone as well as the wireless.  I sat there on the bed for several minutes as I worked out what the number is. I don’t give it out anymore, as I have begun to give my wireless number instead. I’m wondering now, if I really need the home phone and what it would do to my “bundle’ price. Of course with as little television as I watch, I wonder why I keep that as well. Which is part of the circle my mind was wandering around as I sought to recall that number.

Another item that seems unnecessary for its real purpose is my kitchen table. We don’t sit and eat at the thing, the last time anyone really sat there was the last time I had a visitor. Instead it is a catcher of mail and other odd and end items. It also has a wonky leg. We purchased it from a store that has since gone out of business. It was delivered while I was at work, my mother allowing them access to the house. I wish I had been here, and I know I could have spoken up when I noticed, but I didn’t. It wasn’t that major a deal. Even as I noticed immediately how when you put any weight on the table, it wasn’t balanced and would wobble. I put something under the short leg and it was fine. Why sweat the small stuff?

The worst wonky, out of alignment thing in my house, is my bedroom door. It doesn’t close all the way. My now late husband tried to fix it once but being he was no carpenter, didn’t. It doesn’t bother me as I have little reason to close the thing anyway. The only time now is when I am changing clothes and my son is home. Otherwise it stands open in all its warped glory.

I remember times back when I was working when the machinery would have their moments. Something would malfunction and create some wonky, out of alignment, crazy results.

I think, that should we think about it, we can all remember moments or items that have been a bit on the wonky side.

Even our faith.

Almost forty years ago, I was in a bad situation. I had ignored warning signs and put myself in a place where I never should have been. But I was, and I was suffering for that mistake. I know that abusive relationships are not gender exclusive. It isn’t only the males who hurt but females will do it as well. In a situation such as that, one will do what one must to survive. As the days, weeks, months passed, as I sought that survival, I got a bit lost. I walked away from my faith, fearing I had gone too far. This showed my lack of understanding, that I didn’t realize then. One cannot go too far, one only needs to turn around. But then, during that time, my relationship with God, was definitely wonky and off balance. I was that door that did not fit in place properly, off balance, out of shape, worthless in the moment. Yet, not so worthless to be unfix-able. Within moments of that bus pulling away from that situation, my life began to change. Bad habits, wrong thoughts, words that should have never crossed my lips were removed. My life was being cleaned and repaired.

 The thing is, when one has traveled so far the wrong way-as I did-it takes a while to fully return. I had a lot to unlearn and a lot to learn. Yes, I do believe that God could and can work miracles in an instant, but in His wisdom, there are things that happen over time. Life, and living, is a process. The disciples spent three years walking with Jesus, learning. Still not fully understanding. At Pentecost they were gifted with the Holy Spirit. In an instant everything changed. Jesus had to leave before the Holy Spirit could come, I had to leave a bad situation before my own lessons, growth and understanding could begin.

For me, that has happened time and again. Something had to change. Once the change happened, so did growth. There are times and situations where my life had leaned toward the wonky, not quite balanced side. The innocent, the adventurous, can be fun. The parts that keep me from becoming who I am meant to be, are the parts that need to be fixed or removed. Understanding the imperfection of the wonky, has brought me a greater understanding of the true. In that understanding, there is comfort and peace.

Life is a process, a series of steps that take us in a direction, whether right or wrong. Knowledge comes in the recognition of your traveling incorrectly and adjust your path accordingly.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to June Twenty-fifth; Growing Through and Because of Those Wonky Times

  1. Catxman says:

    I’m not sure if I believe in a God or not, but I do know that our beliefs have a profound impact on the way our lives go. If believing in God makes you happy, then do so. Just don’t burn the Science Messenger for delivering an unpalatable message or two when he does so.

    • Of course not. There is a degree of truth in every message. To deny or ‘burn’ would be a bit on the foolish side.

    • Silk Cords says:

      I think the majority of people on both sides of this issue, at least outside the internet, have the same mindset; you don’t have to believe the same, just be courteous in any doubts.

      • It really isn’t all that difficult to be courteous, one only needs to want to be. I have found that I personally feel much better when I show that courtesy than when I act out badly. To act in rudeness and anger messes with your physical health whether one realizes it or not.

  2. Silk Cords says:

    Any indications that the door not closing and the other issues you hinted at might be foundation issues with the house? We have that with the house we’re renting now. It’s slight, but I can feel it in a few places in the house and the doors near those areas won’t close and latch.

  3. A rare post. So full of wisdom. Really worth reading.

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