Day 118; Footnotes of What Am I Hearing?

What am I hearing?

It was the oddest sound, what made it worse, I couldn’t figure out which direction it was coming from. I have a window open to the backyard, and the window is out of the storm door to the front yard. Sitting here facing the computer, was the noise coming in my right ear from out back, or my left ear from out front?

My son came in as I was straining to figure it out. I asked him, “What am I hearing?” To his credit, he refrained from a sarcastic remark and tried to help figure it out. Molly is still outside, it wasn’t her. She was sprawled out on the porch. There wasn’t anything else out front making noise or Molly wouldn’t have been sprawled out on the porch. She would have been barking like crazy.

That left the back yard. It could be one of the cats eating. It would be easier to tell if we had a flashlight. Its amazing how things never end up back where they are supposed to be, but I still managed to find the thing. My son then shined the light out onto the back steps. There was our noise maker. A big ole possum.

 My son walked through the house to see if he could get a photo of our visitor with my phone. He took one through the door and one with the door open. At first our visitor was in no hurry to leave its meal. It did eventually meander off across the yard. I’m guessing it will be back.

 Last night I saw reports of a major fire not too far from here. Far enough we weren’t in danger but close enough to pay attention. What was burning was an old chemical plant that had been closed for years. Ever so often you would see someone in there doing something, but usually it sat empty and ignored. Until last night.  Two of the last reports I saw was that they had called in the fire marshal and hazmat.

The video I saw of the blaze proved it to be a dangerous fire with some of the blackest smoke I’ve ever seen. The roads going by there were closed off for several hours.

 I went by there today on my way to the store. Even hours later, I could still smell the odor of the fire hanging in the air. I’m glad I wasn’t anywhere near there last night and I hope everyone who was, had and was wearing good safety gear.

When I had left to go to the store, I pulled out from our dirt road onto the mail road. There was no one to be seen in either direction. Not long after I pulled out, a car came up behind me. Then proceeded to stay behind me. Every turn I made, they made. Right up until I pulled into a gas station. There were plenty of people around. I’m guessing they must have the lowest prices for the moment because they were lined up. I have no idea what happened to the follower after I fell into place.

 I usually don’t have too much trouble, as the gas door on my jeep is on the passenger side. Today I still had to wait, because a lady in a small car did something I didn’t realize people really did. I thought all those videos were made up. She actually pulled the gas hose all the way across the top of her can to reach the gas access on the driver’s side. It worked so, good for her.

After doing my grocery shopping and getting checked out (If I wasn’t buying pet food my grocery bill would be near  nothing) I got into a conversation with the lady checking me out and the one in line behind me about taking care of stray cats. It was this amazing moment. It was like stepping back in time to where we spoke to each other in real conversations. I walked away smiling, that friendly moment taking the sting out of that grocery bill.

What am I hearing, other than the possum? Echos of humanity and conversations with people you don’t even know.

The shadow makes it look like demon possum

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 118; Footnotes of What Am I Hearing?

  1. Sarah Davis says:

    Not a possum fan, they are not welcome any where near where hay and horses meet.

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