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Day 176; Footnotes Reminder to Self, Kittens Have Sharp Teeth

┬áThere I was, sitting here in my chair, scrolling through the many offerings of those I enjoy reading and seeing their photos when I happened to glance out the window. The kittens were on the back steps. I had to … Continue reading

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June Twelfth; Humanity’s Cat Fight

Cat fight. Sort of, kinda, more like a hissy fit. Something that is a bit on the annoying side but also funny. Considering that its done with cats on opposite sides of the storm door and no one gets anything … Continue reading

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Day 118; Footnotes of What Am I Hearing?

What am I hearing? It was the oddest sound, what made it worse, I couldn’t figure out which direction it was coming from. I have a window open to the backyard, and the window is out of the storm door … Continue reading

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