February Sixth; Thoughts on Endearment

 So yeah, I did get around to this.

Most of us understand that a term of endearment is that word or name that we use when talking with another. Words like sweetheart, dear, honey that show our affection for them. Even words that may not seem to fit that list, can be terms of endearment. A nickname that you give another, is a term of endearment. Even though we may not always look at them that way.

 Once upon a time I had a friend who was from a northern state. One day in conversation I called him Yankee, but not in a derogatory manner, and it wasn’t taken as such. Another friend, from the depths of a long forgotten conversation I tagged Bebop. Thankfully she thought it hilarious. We have a tendency to do that, tag friends with pet names that may or may not stick. 

I was thinking though, what about God? Does the Almighty, have endearments that He calls us? I found this site, which answers that with a resounding, yes. https://characterbuildingforfamilies.com/beloved/

The title alone, got my attention. If I didn’t check out the list, the title, says it all. He calls you, beloved.

The Almighty God. The creator of the universe. The All Knowing, All Seeing, Omnipotent God, calls me, you, all of creation, Beloved.

I could stop there. Because, wow. That says so much and means more. God, calls me, beloved. Me, small, filled with human weakness and frailties, me sinner that I am, He calls, Beloved. Not only that, He proves His love.

He is our shelter and protector. Even in the storms that we create through mistakes in judgement or simply stubborn determination to go our way.

Almost forty years ago now, I was in a bad marriage. Bad as in abusive. Abusive  as in physically, mentally and emotionally. I was married to an alcoholic whose moods shifted within the blink of an eye.  One night in a drunken rage he pulled out a handgun and fired at me, not once but twice. I managed to dive through an upstairs window, cross the roof of the carport and shimmy down a fig tree. I hid in the yard until his rage subsided and he passed out.

Some time later, his rage erupted again. He jumped me from behind and the beating began. I won’t go into the description much but to say at one point I was no longer a part of it, I was watching from above. When he grew tired, I stood up, and began to move as if nothing had happened. The next day, I couldn’t do anything that night as he watched me, the next day I escaped.

My mother sent me a bus ticket. A neighbor got me to the bus station, but he found out and he showed up. Condensed version, the police were called, the bus waited, and I was on my way back home to NC from Louisiana. Every time the bus stopped, the driver made sure I was okay and if we changed buses or took a break, I was where I was supposed to be. At one point, someone took the seat beside me and we talked the rest of the way in. I felt comforted.

When I stepped off that bus back where I was supposed to be, I felt safe. I had been carefully watched and protected and guided home.

There are other incidents over the course of time that has proven to me time and again He loves me. My life, as well as every other life on this Earth, has purpose. Every one of us, are loved. We are not only loved, we are His Beloved.Proof?


How much did and does Jesus the Christ love us? He readily came, knowing what the future held. He came so He could pay the price. He came to save mankind. He came, because He loved us. We are, Beloved.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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