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Day 166; Footnotes of an Avalanche of Wrongs

Allergies. I don’t want to complain because it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with, but it is frustrating. The day time medicine is helping some, but I still feel as if I’m drowning. It isn’t supposed to make … Continue reading

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February Twenty-first; Detouring Down the Rabbit Hole

Personally, I enjoy those trips down the rabbit hole but. This morning I read a blog about an editorial write in a big deal newspaper. The title was “Don’t fall Down the Rabbit Hole” and yes, it was  about research. … Continue reading

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February Sixth; Thoughts on Endearment

 So yeah, I did get around to this. Most of us understand that a term of endearment is that word or name that we use when talking with another. Words like sweetheart, dear, honey that show our affection for them. … Continue reading

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Comparing One With the Other, the Similarities and Differences

In a recent conversation about truth and lies, a comment was made that set me to thinking. I have a good friend who is on a quest for truth. We have heard many discussions on politics and how corrupt it … Continue reading

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