January Seventeenth; A New Love

Sunday morning, I’ve added wood to the wood stove and the house is regaining its warmth. I have my coffee and I am sitting here in my chair looking  out the window at the morning. The sunlight reflecting off clouds that give the appearance of a fleet of ships sailing across the sky. Best of all, the cat who may or may not have a name, has shown up and eaten. When she ran to safety this morning on hearing me, she did not fully leave. I could see her watching as I placed food in the dish and she returned quickly to eat. Hunger makes one brave or careless. 

My mother is calling several times a day to check on my son. His arm is healing from the dog bites, but she has been in worry overdrive since it happened and anything added only increases the calls. She has given me more advice in the past few days on what I need to share with him than I think she has in his lifetime. But its done out of love. 

Both of my dogs are inside / outside dogs. I have a big front porch and large front yard and that is securely fenced so they are safe when outside. At night I bring them inside. I have to get up early to let the younger dog outside to prevent accidents.

 Love can and often does cause us to do strange things. Like care for feral cats. 

Love can also cause us to do amazing things.

Caring for strangers. Providing warm clothing for someone who may be homeless or simply unable to purchase outerwear.

Feeding the hungry.

Helping children have access to online schooling.

Caring for animals. Whether they are domesticated, and are being abused or are strays. Those who are hungry and wandering homeless. Pets left in hot cars in summer heat.

The wild animals that are hunted for trophies, animals hunted by poachers, animals whose habitat is in danger making them in danger as well.

Caring for our planet. Working to clean the environment, land, sky or sea.

Care for senior citizens. Helping them take care of things they are no longer capable of doing. Assisting them across streets or up steps. Mowing a lawn. Paying a visit to remind them they are not forgotten.

Buying a meal for those on the front lines, who respond to the emergencies in the desire and hope to take care of those they serve. Telling them thank you, they are appreciated.

I’m sure many of us have seen, heard or read of incidents that fall under these or other categories. The men that bought a new widow gas for her car. The teens who bought a new jacket for a homeless man counting change to try and buy a meal. The child who sat with a police officer in a restaurant so he wouldn’t eat alone. Small gestures to some, but large to the recipient.

What if we all, started moving to be the difference for those around us? Wait until we get home to toss that drink bottle or cup. Help someone in need. Donate gently worn but no longer worn coats. Tell a first responder, a veteran, a medical professional, a teacher, thank you.

One act of kindness, one act of love, builds upon another, that builds upon another and so on. Before we realize, we have something new, better, stronger.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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