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August Fourteenth; If I Could Ask for a Gift, In This, My Month of Birth, I Would Ask For

Contentment in the Clarity. Before my husband died, he was concerned about my being left alone. He was so concerned over it that he made me promise more than once, that I would find someone else. Finally I began telling … Continue reading

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June Twenty-eighth; What Do You Mean I had Karma Wrong?

I’m running behind. Its obvious I need to change the order in which I do things in the morning. I’ve been reading and otherwise visiting blogs first, then writing my own. This wasn’t a problem when I began, but I … Continue reading

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April Ninth; Just a Little Tenderness.

 I’m seriously considering a return to the mountain. I really want to get in good shape and climbing those steps will either do that, or well.. they’ll do that. I know too, that I need to start drinking more water. … Continue reading

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April Fifth; How Can I Express Joy In This Moment?

I was somewhat forced into early retirement, due to the loss of my, job due to Covid. Sort of. Living mostly on limited Social Security is not easy. But not impossible. Yet it limits what I am able to do … Continue reading

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March Twenty-fourth; What does all That Have to do With Signs?

Endings are hard. But with every ending, there is a new beginning. I think that endings happen, because that time is done, and it has to move out of the way for what is coming. There is a line in … Continue reading

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Day 77; Footnotes on I think I Can

Tomorrow, I need to go to our local, handy dandy home and garden center and purchase replacement parts for my toilet. No matter what I’ve tried, it won’t stop running. My son finally checked and told me that a part … Continue reading

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March Sixteenth; Awakening

 I’m sitting here listening to the rain that began falling long before I awoke. In the earlier conversation with my mother she told me that it was raining heavily when she awoke at 4AM. Once upon a time, in a … Continue reading

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Day sixty-nine; Footnotes of Is This Where Deep Thinking Gets Me?

I am contemplating something. I’m not sure though, that I am motivated enough to sustain the plan. I’ve done it in the past, but I was a lot younger and a lot less jaded. I’m considering continuing my education. By … Continue reading

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March Second; A Time of Growth

 Well this has been a different type morning. My son is working on his car so yesterday I had to go pick him up from where he works, a local dealership where he is a mechanic, where his car is waiting … Continue reading

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Day Fifty-one; Footnotes of a Day of Honest Emotions

  It looks as if the neighbors are having a party tonight. Or maybe its just a jam session.  I have heard some drum playing off and on today. I have the main door closed against the cold and the … Continue reading

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