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September Eighteenth; Food For Thought, Food For All

Not one of mine. Months ago, I saw three feral cats on my back steps. I tagged them the Three Mousekateers. Then I came to believe there might actually be four of them. Fast forward to now, two of the … Continue reading

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August Fourth (2021); If I Could Ask For A Gift

How can I say this, that won’t get me in trouble? Be aware…there are many possible trigger points within this write. Homelessness, addiction, abuse, suicidal, hunger, religion. I want, to be hungry. Not so much for physical food, though that … Continue reading

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March Second; A Time of Growth

 Well this has been a different type morning. My son is working on his car so yesterday I had to go pick him up from where he works, a local dealership where he is a mechanic, where his car is waiting … Continue reading

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January Twenty-seventh; A New Diet

Yes, I did. I used a four letter word. And that four letter word can to some, be just as ugly as any curse word. Especially if it is tossed at us from someone else and not one of our … Continue reading

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January Seventeenth; A New Love

Sunday morning, I’ve added wood to the wood stove and the house is regaining its warmth. I have my coffee and I am sitting here in my chair looking  out the window at the morning. The sunlight reflecting off clouds … Continue reading

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Footnotes of Day Five; Missing cars, near dog fights and expectant cats?

  Yesterday was filled with weird moments. Apparently, the weird moments weren’t finished. I was awake and yet not, when my son left for work. I heard as he let Bella outside, but drifted back closer to sleep as I … Continue reading

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