February Ninth; A Dog in This Fight

It started with a stick.

I was sitting here watching a video online and began to hear my son yelling. When it registered it was a call in need, I jumped up and ran to the door. Our two dogs were fighting. Again. When these two fight it gets vicious fast. This is the first fight that has happened in months, and they were determined to not back down. And there was my son, right in the middle of it all.

Molly is wearing her ecollar, Bella was not. No matter how many times I hit the button on the controller it wasn’t making a difference. Nothing my son was doing was working. They were dead set on fighting this one out. My son finally managed to grab Bella’s tale and worked the battle around to where I could grab Molly by the tail. working together we managed to pull them apart without either of us getting bit in the process.

Finally managing to separate them, I dragged Molly backward into the house while my son held onto Bella. Once Molly was shut up in this room I could check on Bella as Bella is older. Her only visible injury is a slight gash on one ear. I haven’t seen a visible injury yet on Molly but I’m still a bit upset with her at the moment.

If you have seen any of the photos of my dogs you will know that they are both close in size and weight. Both weighing in around sixty pounds, Molly just a hair taller than Bella, but Molly is years younger. Bella though does have that undercoat making her fluffier and more difficult for Molly to injure badly.

Molly in the front and Bella in the back facing the camera

The dogs are now in different rooms of the house. Bella in my bedroom and Molly in here. Molly knows she is in trouble, she keeps looking at me with that ‘but what did I do?’ expression, or maybe its’ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean’. Either way, they are in a time out to fully calm down.

I asked my son what happened. What brought on such a battle after so long a time of peace and getting along? He threw a stick. Bella loves to chase sticks and will chase them until the moment she simply can’t run anymore. Molly prefers a ball. For what ever reason, when he threw the stick and Bella went after it, Molly went after Bella. Did Molly not want Bella to have the stick? Did Molly think that Bella was bothering something that wasn’t hers to go after? I could ask a zillion questions and still have no answers. All I know is my two dogs were at war with each other.

Sounds a little familiar.

Two countries line up along a border, posturing and threatening. Groups of individual face off. One believes this, the other believes that. You can feel the tension in the air, vibrating around you, waiting. There are rumblings that grow louder, discussions, arguments. Someone must be right, someone must have power. someone wants control.

Shots fired and hell begins. Because someone threw a stick.

No matter how good we are. No matter how calm and rational we are. At some point, we have been guilty to some degree in either throwing a stick, or reacting to the throw.

We can as individuals, once we realize what we are doing or have done, can seek to repair any damage done. We can stop any actions we are in the middle of doing and apologize. Acknowledging the error of our ways. If it is in the past, and we know that the wounds created have not healed, we can seek ways to ask forgiveness. We can seek ways, to repair and rebuild. We can understand what we have done or may actually be doing, and learn to stop our actions and take a different, better, higher road.

We have seen the damages done, when one group feels empowered. The destruction that can be created, the havoc and chaos that is left in their wake. Nothing good comes of that. Someone, somewhere, may feel a rush of power, but when the smoke lifts and the dust settles, when that last brick falls, no one really wins. A lot of innocent people though, do lose. Because someone felt they needed to make a point, and they threw a stick.

Am I saying not to stand up against wrongs? Of course not. To stand up against injustice is important. To stand up against wrongs is essential. To speak against ignorance is needed. But it can and should be done in a manner that heals, that teaches, that builds up rather than destroys. If we stand in love, peace, maturity and knowledge, we can accomplish much. We may not always prevent the fight, but we can make them more rare. And no one has to throw a stick.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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14 Responses to February Ninth; A Dog in This Fight

  1. And found out that Molly’s collar didn’t work because somehow in the battle it had gotten turned off. Yeah, lotta good that is.

  2. Glad that everyone is ok. We’ve always had a lot of dogs. At one point, we had two females that couldn’t be together at all because it was instant fighting. It’s very scary!

    • That is what I was told was the problem here. Bother are female and want to be boss. They don’t fight often, usually something has to set them off, like a delivery person. If I so much as see a delivery truck slowing down I bring both of them inside quickly., See a stray dog? Bring them inside. If they get too excited, well..today happens. So I work at training and keeping them from over excitement.

  3. Everything happens so fast and when they latch onto each other, it’s seems like it’s forever. Like you said, neither one wants to back down. Someone told us recently that picking the dog up with both back legs will make it unlatch from the opponent; luckily, we haven’t had to try that theory out…yet. Your poor son! But, I’ve been injured on the hand trying to break up a dog fight. Ugh.

    • They were in such a worked up state we couldn’t manage to get them by the back legs but I had Molly by the tale and pulling while my son had Bella and was pulling in the opposite direction,. Once we managed to break the hole I literally dragged Molly backward into the house. I knew I couldn’t dare let her get loose or it would be on again.
      Now they’re fine as can be. Like it never happened.

  4. I glad everyone made it out without injuries!

    • Well nothing major. My son ended up with a scratch on his leg, thank goodness for work pants. Bella had a minor gash on her ear and Molly limped for a bit but it could have been so very much worse. I’ve seen Bella’s jaw strength, it isn’t anything to mess with.

  5. Marinela Melic says:

    Maybe video of daily routine, 1 min just to see eyes? My opinion is of course rivality for everyone attention expecially for a son attention like we woman’s 😉 so treat them as 2 daughters not animals. Try 😊 The first separete them in different space 7 days. Do not use any electric device to training dogs, try to speak a lot with them, just speak about one of them and later with others one behavior. You must stop eye contact BETWEEN TWO OF THEM BEFORE FIGHT START. How? Distraction of their attention with something tastefull as frie slice of bacon. And put a dog on leach and walk 5 km every day, it seems to me that those dogs like a wood and smells of grass, not backyard dogs. It seems to me very intelligent dogs. Do not give up. They can be aggressive but learn them WHEN DANGER IS COMING AS ROBBERY. In these days we all need a dogs to smell evil people. Those female’s are good protectors of family. Woman’s are mostly bad trainer’s because they newer thinking “what if they are dogs, what treatment they will prefer? Yelling, electricity devices or respect”. Yes, respect a animal and her wishes. Look her eyes and reed from them. Animal allready reeding your thoughts from your smell of skin and your eyes. I like dogs, I recognise their wishes, I had trained several dogs which owners was very frustrated. Mostly 1 week everyday, all day I walk with them, speak, feed, newer punish but refuse to give a love, feeding, bathing but distance. So they want my friendship because they need love. Attention. Good luck ♥️

    • Thank you for this.
      Bella is generally very well behaved but Molly can push her buttons. I can take Bella hiking and Bella now instinctively knows what to do. She knows when to stop and allow me to catch a breath or step off the trail to allow people to pass. She generally ignores other dogs when we are out somewhere unless she senses a threat. Both of my two understand verbal commands and conversation as we talk to them often during the day. Bella is better at understanding hand signals than Molly but Molly is younger and now as intelligent as Bella but still lovable. We have recognized a lot of the triggers that set them off and avoid them when possible. If a delivery van comes down the road and we are expecting something, I immediately bring them inside as they do not like delivery trucks. They are contained within a fenced yard, but they get too worked up if I don’t get them inside the house. This last fight we did manage to get hold of back legs and tails and pull them apart and away from each other. Brought inside they were separated for hours before we even considered reuniting them. At the moment, they are both sprawled out in this room, quite content and at peace.

  6. Marinela Melic says:

    I am not smart. I do not judge because when someone do it to me I became so sad. They did it a lot to me, so pls do not offended. Just I am thinking how to help you 💖💕 Try to walk them separately for a punishment. They will understand why is it so. When truck is coming my 8 Kilogramm dog is burking as a lion. For them is that protection of You all. Normally. But to avoid attack anyone better try keeping them on leach outside and every time someone is coming to you give them a fried bacon from your pocket. Brain of dogs will soon think that those people bringing food. Sorry if my comment made you sad. I love you all 🙏💕

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