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The Fight Proved Nothing

Well that will get the heart pumping. I have two dogs. Both are German Shepherd mix. Both are female. Bother are around sixty pounds. Bella is older and has the thick double coat. Molly is younger with a slick coat. … Continue reading

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February Ninth; A Dog in This Fight

It started with a stick. I was sitting here watching a video online and began to hear my son yelling. When it registered it was a call in need, I jumped up and ran to the door. Our two dogs … Continue reading

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November Eleventh; Are Words Enough?

What can I say, that hasn’t already been said? Are the words, “thank you” adequate? Are there any words, that can even begin to convey the depth of appreciation we should hold within our mind and heart? When one attempts … Continue reading

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August Eighteenth; If I Could Ask For a Gift

Rescue Yesterday was much more than what a local station calls a first alert day weather wise. We knew the remnants of that storm Fred was going to be coming through. I am currently of a mind that we under … Continue reading

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Day twelve; Footnotes of Feelings

¬†Back when I was working, there were many times when I would find myself bandaging minor injuries. If the manager wasn’t in the department, I was next in line to assist.¬† Someone would inadvertently put a finger where it should … Continue reading

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