Day 307; Footnotes of a Good, Normal, Regular Day

I started out taking my mother to the bank.  We both needed to go so taking her was (and never is) an issue. We were the only customers inside so the visit was quick. The teller that took care of us was very professional and friendly. After we left, mom said something about at least she had a few minutes out so I asked if she wanted to go anywhere else. Which caused us to end up at the big box store.

 She bought nothing, I bought batteries and fire starter logs because I sometimes have problems getting a fire to start in the wood stove. I really need to gather more kindling and stash it in a dry place. Try as we might, while we were shopping, we couldn’t find matches. Thankfully I still have some for now. While I stood in line to pay, I watched a lady growing more and more agitated. Glancing from line to line and back again before giving up on her wait and storming away.

Soon enough we were home again and I’ve hidden.. remained here ever since. I really wish though now, that I had taken a hike down through the woods behind the house. The lighting would have been prefect for photographing the autumn leaves. Hopefully, should tomorrow come, and the weather permits, I’ll hike and try to capture the color. I had hoped to ride up to the Blue Ridge mountains here in North Carolina to see the leaves changing there, but that hasn’t happened and as in past years, doesn’t look to be happening this year either. I was told that I could easily jump in the car and go, but even with mapping on my phone where I might end up is anyone’s guess. Of course that would add to the adventure, but I really don’t want the Calvary to have to be called out and go in search of me. Which means that as long as it isn’t raining tomorrow, I’ll layer up and visit the woods behind the house and local hiking spots. I need the peace. Of course the computer is telling me that it is raining now, though I don’t hear it.

 Cold, possibly freezing weather may be coming. Because of that,  I need to check and see if there is anything left in the garden, and I know that a pepper plant that is at the edge of my yard has hot peppers waiting to be harvested. I really need to get those as  I would like to have them to toss into a recipe without my son knowing and watch his face. Of course keeping enough of the dish  set aside for me as I don’t care to have my insides burnt and abused. I also hope that my son will get the chimney cleaned this weekend. While he does that I’ll sweep the leaves off the roof. Which means that mom and dad will hope we’ll get theirs as well and we will. Weather permitting. As it is, I am really glad that I purchased the propane. Cold is not my friend. I don’t need it sweat producing hot in here, I just want to prevent frostbite.

  For now though, the house is quiet, the dogs are inside waiting for me to call this day done. The official cat, diva she is, has been demanding attention. I have a feeling that the not so strays are wandering around the front yard by the way the dogs have been sniffing at the door.

  Its been one of those normal, almost boring, regular days. The man at the bank was very kind and friendly. While in the big box store there was a lady with less than zero amount of patience and had a minor tantrum before storming off because there was a wait to check out. Balance. The sunlight was somewhat muted today due to a slightly overcast sky, but the colors of the leaves were amazing.  The house is and has been so quiet and peaceful, a quiet that invites rest and peace. Time with mom. Errands accomplished. Dogs and cats safe and calm. Yeah, its been a good, normal, regular day. We need more of those.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 307; Footnotes of a Good, Normal, Regular Day

  1. Normal and relaxing days are nice.

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