November Third; That Inner Voice

I don’t need an alarm? I have a Molly.

I tried once to let both dogs sleep in my room. How did that work out? Not too good. Molly wanted to play, Bella wanted to sleep. So, Molly sleeps in this room on that big dog bed snuggled in blankets and Bella on my bed. Molly tried once to sneak in when I didn’t close the door to this room well enough, but Bella let her know quickly she wasn’t having any of that. Molly is fine with it, when bed time rolls around, she is already happily comfortable on her bed watching as the ritual of the night begins.

Most nights, neither dog barks without reason. Molly being on one end of the house and Bella the other, one may hear what the other does not. But usually the nights pass without incident. Come morning though, when Molly needs to go outside, she lets us know. She will bark one time and wait. Then once again. If we do not respond, the barking gets more insistent until someone answers her calls.

This morning took only one bark and I was dragging myself from a warm bed into a cool house. I got her ecollar on and moved to the door but something made me stop. That quiet, almost inaudible voice saying, look first. Molly didn’t understand when I barely opened the door and didn’t allow her outside. I was very glad I listened to the warning though. One of the not so stray cats was standing on the front porch looking at me all innocent and unknowing. I quickly pushed the door closed and headed for the front door to get the cat to relocate but it had already moved on very quickly. Which is good due to the dogs exploding out the door behind me. They knew.

That small, quiet, nearly inaudible voice, is what I am thankful for. That tingling, stop you in your tracks moments when you just know…something. For that, I am thankful.

Back when I worked, that voice, that moment, saved me many times. When I would be walking away from a machine and I’d think, I need to check something. I need to go back and see one more time. To go over an order set up, to check the material, something wasn’t sitting right. Always, going back made all the difference as potential problems were caught early.

After I lost my job and was working on cleaning my yard, reclaiming it from the jungle it had become to usable. When that voice stopped me not once, not twice but three times from stepping on a venomous copperhead snake.

I believe there are times when we may be responding to that feeling, without fully realizing it at the time. Many, many years ago my husband and I had planned a day trip to the mountains. Yet, we were dragging our feet on leaving. Suddenly I received the call that my mother had fallen and needed me. If we had left, I would not have been home for her.

I was in a conversation yesterday that covered many topics. One of the topics was being empathic

or this:

The second link has comments on high sensitivity. That inclination, that internal warning if you will, that something is off.

While being empathic has its own issues, such as being overwhelmed in crowded settings and that need to escape and recharge. It is still something to be thankful about. I believe, that we all have the ability to be empathic, should we choose. We are all spiritual beings in an earthly vessel. We can all, should we choose, be able to have more of a feel and understanding of others. I do believe though, as in all talents and abilities, it is at varying levels.Β  Our inner intuition varies. and no, I am not so much meaning being psychic but intuitive.

That feeling of warning. I believe, that just as in perfecting other talents so it is with empathy and intuition. Along with the learning how to protect oneself from becoming overwhelmed.

We can learn how to read a situation. We can learn how to better read and understand individuals. That ability can not only protect us and others, it helps us help others. In many situations. Just as one moment of listening, saved a young cat from two big dogs. We can be there for those around us. Then, head out into nature, head to a park, head to the side of a fountain, head to a quiet space for calming and recharging your own peace. Find and make use, of what brings you balance. Be it music, art, reading, animals, what ever it takes. Because it does take having an inner peace, an inner quiet where you can hear and feel the alerts around you. Where you can feel the warnings and interruptions in the peace around you. Where you can be there for friends and family, even for that unknown individual you meet, who at that moment needs the gift you possess. An ability, that I will always believe is a gift, a talent, an ability given by God to all so that we are better able to be there for and help those around us.

Slash moved so their face is slightly blurred
Moe and Swoosh- Swoosh being mostly white
Itty Bitty..Fully grown but barely larger than the kittens.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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12 Responses to November Third; That Inner Voice

  1. I agree that empathy and intuition are wonderful gifts. I used to get that feeling at work on a regular basis. It saved the company any number of embarrassing and costly mistakes.

    • Most of the time when it happened with me, the company I worked for never knew. I would smile and move on to the next assignment. It was one of those places where if you messed up you heard all about it, do good? Not a peep, but I knew and that was all that mattered, then and now.

      • I get it! And I am sorry Rebecca. I am sure you deserved better. For a lot of years my boss was really good, but the last two years things were horrid. I still did all I could and had major accomplishments and I felt great about them, but my boss would do anything he could to make me feel like I (and all of the staff) were just a burden to him. I did the books, I knew who paid the bills around there, so don’t know how he could convince himself that we were the problem. I really don’t care now. I left knowing what I was capable of and proud of what I had done. With health issues I have been dealing with, I am really glad I made the decision to get out of there.

      • I told a friend the other day I don’t miss it. I’m glad to be out because looking back I can see all the toxic crap going on there. There was simply too much of a ‘good ole boys’ attitude in the place and the women in any managerial position trying to prove they deserved to be there. Not a nice place.

      • I’m sorry but glad you are in a much better place now. As am ! πŸ˜‹

      • Thank you, as am I. I’m glad that it is the same for you as well.

  2. Dia Jae says:

    My dogs like to bark for no reason too! It takes practice, but I have learned to shield my emotions from feeling others around me. Every now and then I’ll pick up on a vibe. I really have to focus on protection because of my anxiety issues right now.

    • The bad thing is I always have to check and make sure its nothing. I never want to take a chance and be wrong. Of course should someone try and come in, I’m sure my two will be happy to greet them.
      I’m battling an anxiety near panic attack tonight. Another one of those not sure why, but there it is and I’ll ride it through. So I very much understand what you’re saying.

      • Dia Jae says:

        I was told to figure out what triggers the anxiety. I get it. Closer to the holidays, and with everything else. I know there’s nothing I can do about it, yet I still have anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve always been a big ball of nervous energy!!!

      • I have a feeling I know what brought this on, its frustrating as this is the first in over a year almost two. Usually I’m good, and once the after shocks calm I’ll be fine…until next time I guess.

      • Dia Jae says:

        I wish I could be more like that! I’m working on it! πŸ™‚

      • Its taken a while for me. For a long time I didn’t realize what was going on. When I finally figured it out, it gave me the weapon to fight it. I like to be in control, even over that. So I’m learning how to gain that control which brings the peace.

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