Day270; Footnotes Its All Ducky Preparing for Show and Shine


Star, my Jeep, was letting me know something.

I needed to go to the bank today. I was being sort of lazy and didn’t want to go for what ever reason. I finished my morning post, after lunch, and was finally eating. My son had to work today because he is getting off later this week. He had already came in for lunch and gone back. As I was finishing eating, he came driving back down the driveway. There wasn’t much going on so they told him he could go ahead and leave. As with most folks given that instruction, you don’t have to tell him twice.

After he had made his way back through the house to disappear into his domain, I decided to get my ducks ready. I went out to the car and got the small box of rubber ducks that I had already tagged and brought them inside. Last night I had taken a hole punch and made holes in the cards I had for the Show and Shine event this Saturday, October 2nd. I took each duck, removed the tag already there, ran the string through the event tag and then returned it to the duck. I did this with every event tag that I had. Returning the bunch to the box, I carried that out to the car. I was now ready for any Jeep I come across between now and the event.

I got changed and was preparing to finally go when I heard the two barkers going crazy then heard mom asking them why they were barking. Going to the door, still barefoot, mom told me to get some shoes on as she wanted to show me something and see if I knew what it was. Shoes on I walked down to her house, reaching it just as my sister in law and her youngest daughter and grand daughter arrived. Mom told them she would be right back she wanted me to see something. The minute she pointed it out I knew-surprisingly- what it was. Monkey grass. She seemed perplexed as to where it came from until I reminded her that I had a lot in my yard and so did her grand daughter across the road as I had given them some the same time I planted mine. That mystery solved she turned to her visitors.

Walking back to the driveway everyone was waiting for us. I stayed and talked for a few moments then said I needed to leave. I still needed to go to the bank. Going inside I gathered up everything I needed and headed out. As I reached the end of the dirt road that DING!! sounded. Looking at the all knowing dash, it was telling me that all four tires needed air. Not one, not two but all four. Blasted cooler weather.

I got the Jeep turned around and back to the house. I went and asked my son about the air pressure and whether it was safe to drive or needed to be filled like, right now. He said he could take it to work tomorrow, but then we went down to dad’s building because there was a large air compressor there. Just no adapter. Back at the house I was resigned to having to wait when my son started digging around. He has a smaller compressor, but it was in one place, the hose in another and the adapter or what ever else he needed somewhere else entirely. I never asked why. I could hear as he took care of the tires and within minutes he was finished and I could be on my way.

I got the the town where I have to do my banking since the branch I was using closed. I still wonder why it is that this small town can often appear as if half of the state’s population are trying to all get through there at the same time. I did still manage to get to the bank. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to go inside or have to use the drive through, but I was able to go in. There was one teller up front, what I took to be one in training and the trainer, working drive thru. There was one customer ahead of me. I’m not sure what their transaction was, but it was something that was very involved and taking a while. I didn’t care, I really had nowhere else to be. Before I was finally waited on, I must have been told three times that someone would be with me, sorry for my wait. I was fine. The one I took to be in training is the one who cashed a check for me, never asking if I had an account there. I do, but they still usually ask.

Back in the car I head for home. When I got two thirds of the way home, I made the decision that I’d go for cat food as the supply was getting low. Arriving at the big box store I went inside, straight to the pet food and found the canned food my dogs prefer, but none that mom’s dog eats. They didn’t have the big cans of cheap cat food so I got several of the medium for the not so stray, and then cans for her majesty, royal annoyance and pain in the nether regions, also known as Cricket, the official cat of the house. The funny thing, when I arrived, and when I left, there were no Jeeps in sight. I’m sure there probably were some, but I had purchased a gag gift for mom and wanted to get home and get it in place without her seeing. Which I did.

Dad is still wanting me to go with him to see about the rest of that wood. I guess if he’s in the mood, we’ll go tomorrow. Best to not let too many things pile up, I have that Jeep event Saturday. I need to make sure I have Star ready to show and shine while supporting Love Like Lauren. No one should have to face the horrors and nightmare that is cancer, especially not our children.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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