Hidden Treasures

Waiting to be discovered.

I follow a large number of blogs. This of course means that there is a large diversity in thoughts and beliefs. Often times it is obvious if the writer is young, that however doesn’t make their thoughts unworthy. Sometimes, the words of the innocent, are more valuable than the words of the older generation. There are those writers where it is clear that English is not their first language, but I applaud them and find their works often well worth the time to read.  It is clear and at times amazing and slightly overwhelming, the variety of thoughts on every topic under the sun, the literal and those imagined. Photography and art work shines out. Creativity of the mind in the form of educational or entertaining is there to be discussed, argued over, promoted or condemned. Among the shared posts and the many comments the diversity of thoughts abound. 

Religion and faith being among the top of the list.

 I’m not surprised. The arguments are as ongoing as time itself. The differences found as well as the similarities, or the similarities that create the differences. These often fuel the many dissertations, conversations and at times, heated discussions over the validity of one over the other. Untold numbers of books have been written on the subject and its many concepts. Christianity many times finds itself under attack. But, it should not so much be the faith, but those who call themselves Christians who should be questioned. I am not a learned theologian, I won’t pretend to be one. My comments are those from my thoughts, heart and beliefs. The things I have come to understand. Don’t expect all of those many varied doctrines or rules, practices or precepts here, but observations found along my walk. A walk in faith, a relationship not a religion. There is a difference. But what of this -hidden treasures? How does that fit in to Christianity?

I easily recall my baptism. I opened my mouth before I was fully back up out of the water and came up sputtering. Interesting entrance to a new life right? I never have done things the easy way.

Full immersion, the act of dying to self and the old life and being born into the new. So, okay, what is so special about this so called new life? You say that this rebirth so to speak means being adopted into God’s family, so?  You say that once in the family, the Holy Spirit comes to indwell within us, so?  We supposedly become new, in what way and why does that matter?

Here are verses about gifts of the Spirit: https://www.openbible.info/topics/gifts_of_the_spirit

The thing is, religion, no matter which belief, will always find itself under attack. In my opinion, and this is my opinion of Christianity, a faith based walk, is one that follows the true teachings of Jesus the Christ. Jesus came to save not judge, He came to teach love, forgiveness, compassion, hope, peace, love. Did I say love? Jesus walked without hesitation into Samaria and spoke with a Samaritan woman. Things a ‘good’ Jew would never do. He ate with ‘sinners’ He did many things against the rules, because He came to change them. He was fought every step of the way by those who followed a strict religious belief.

After His death and resurrection, His teachings were often altered, changed and reworded to fit the teacher. That continues today. The words, the teachings, the real treasures, hidden and altered by false teachers. Is it any wonder there are disagreements and out right arguments over the Christian faith?

 What of those who call themselves Christians, but don’t live the life? Tarnishing the treasures, hiding the treasures, feeding the discussions against the faith, with each misstep and wrong action. Not a judgement, merely an observation. 

So…you may ask, what treasures have I found personally along this journey of mine? The healing of a hurt soul and injured heart. The peace brought from drawing closer when I felt alone. The contentment in what I have and the realization that collecting ‘stuff’ here is not what I need be doing. Stuff here is material and will fade away. The hidden treasures I should seek, are the ones that are building up in Heaven. The ones created by loving others. By showing patience and compassion to others. The many gifts of the Spirit and using the ones I carry within.  By seeking to glorify God and not myself. By offering an understanding, compassionate heart to the hurting. The peace that is found in the love of God. The understanding, that there will always, until the end of time, be those who twist the Word to mean what they wish. They will take verses out of context, they will use the Word to say what they want, to mean what they wish to get the results they desire. They take the treasures and hide them without realizing the dangers or harm they are causing in their arrogance. Knowing, that the only way to try to show truth, is live the truth.

To not merely seek out the not so hidden treasures, the ones waiting to be discovered and understood, but to be the treasure for others. To be the light on a hill, to be the one ready to feed the hungry, offer water to the thirsty, give a cloak to the cold, and show, the way to rest for the weary. That to live, is to love and to love unreservedly is the greatest of all treasures.

The greatest treasures are not those which can be weighed and measured. They hold no monetary value. The greatest, are those of the heart.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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