Day 139; Footnotes of Busy-Busy-Busy

So I’m not real sure what got into me. Maybe boredom or the knowing it had to be done. But I did a good job of getting stuff accomplished.

 I decided that it was past time to reclaim my carport. So much -stuff- had collected out there that while I could get my car in, it was all I could do to squeeze out of the car it was that close to the wall.

 I walked out to get the mail, which I’m just remembering I left on top of my car, and mom yelled to get my attention. She wanted to know if I were busy. No mom. There was two things she needed me to do, if I had time. Always mom. I walk down and take care of what she needed. Then hung around for a while to visit with her and family who had dropped by.

Finally getting back to the house I began dragging stuff out of the carport. Mostly boxes and cardboard that had collected. By the time I was done, the carport looked better and my son’s trailer was full. I may get out there tomorrow and break those boxes down but that wasn’t high on my list. 

I then dragged the push mower that can, down the hill to the pond. I have no idea the last time it had been mowed down there but I know if I wanted to walk all the way around the pond, I needed to go mow down that jungle. Getting the mower down there was a challenge in itself. Limbs had fallen and created a nice obstacle course to cross. Once down at the pond I took it in sections. Trying to be careful in where I mowed making sure I was leaving myself plenty of room to see where I was putting my feet. A lot of saplings have grown up around the pond and the way the bank is I wasn’t sure where land stopped and water began so I didn’t even try to get too close. I mainly was intent on making a clear path to walk.

Section by section I cleared away the high grass and weeds. Some were just short of being knee high. At one point I got too ambitious and caused the mower to choke down. While I let it cool a bit, I walked back to where I had left the water I had brought with me. Carrying it back to the table, I eased my thirst, caught my breath and started again.

 It isn’t perfect. There are a lot of trees where the limbs have grown out over the fence and in the way. As I said, there are saplings and wire grass that has grown up around the edge of the water. I’ll need to find another method for the saplings as they are too big for the mower. I need to do something though otherwise we won’t be able to see the pond. As it is, I can now walk all the way around without concern. That meant dragging the mower that can back up the hill. Going up I went the path that breaks off toward mom’s. It is clear of limbs and much easier. Of course I scared the kittens as I came close to the house but that didn’t last long before they were back out of hiding.

 Then, I decided I was going to color my hair. Vanity, they name is Rebecca. I chose a brown that is too dark, but its temporary so it will be fine. 

The thing I did that is going to be the real adventure, I agreed to help with Vacation Bible School. The kindergarten class. That is going to be interesting. I’ve never been able to help before because I worked. Well, I don’t work now so, for a few hours a day, for a week, I’ll be an assistant teacher. Of course that means I will have to be up and dressed earlier, mom’s calls will either have to be earlier or wait until I get back home.

 Oh and my walking…5.86 miles or 13, 283 steps. I am really going to have to step up my game (sorry) if I intend on making a hundred miles by next month.

 While I was occupied with the parts of the day when I was by myself, I did a lot of thinking and talking life’s issues out. I feel as if I have some unresolved issues, things that will probably never be resolved the way I would like, but I need to let go. To hang onto them, doesn’t bother the ones who have caused this, it probably never enters their mind. The only one that is harmed, is me. The only one who can let go, is me.

I think though, that every time I have those moments, when I can walk, or mow, and think about what happened, I’m a step closer. Each time I release a little more. I believe, that God has plans for me that couldn’t be accomplished while I was working. Each day, each lap around the circle, I feel a little more at peace. With each thing I am able to help mom or dad with, I’m closer. With each day that passes and I am able to keep up my writing, I’m closer. I let go of more of the things that bothered me, that was dragging me down, and closer to the peace that comes with that release. Closer to the Father and the plans He has for me. Its also made it much easier to simply shake my head and smile at some of the insanity that goes on around me.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Day 139; Footnotes of Busy-Busy-Busy

  1. patrick101010101 says:

    i agree. its something good to getting something accomplished

  2. Babri says:

    The feeling of getting a long pending work is awesome!!

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