May Twentieth; What Flows From Your Well?

Many years ago we suffered through an extreme drought in this area. Because of it many wells, including ours, went dry. We got in line to have a new well bored and thankfully they hit water on the first try. Its much deeper than the original and the water has a different taste, not bad, just different. In conversation I was told that water isn’t supposed to have a taste, but the water from our old well did. It tasted sweet and I still, after all these years, miss that water. The old well is behind the house and the new in front, not all that far apart as the crow flies, so you would think it wouldn’t matter, but it did, or does. 

A quick trip down the rabbit hole and back asking why would water taste sweet gave me a few possible answers about the taste. From the plumbing, to body response, to minerals in the water.

Just two of the many. Many sites are those seeking to sell things to correct the taste.

I wonder though, leaving the physical well in the yard, what about our personal well? The well within us that who we are comes from.

Our mind from which all of our thoughts, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs spring from. What do we share from there? Do we share words that would uplift, encourage, teach? Do we share ways to make life and living better?  How does the water of our thoughts taste to others? Does what we believe and share, create a peaceful conversation, or does it create conflict? Do our thoughts revolve around building up, or tearing down? Do we seek healing and health, or death?

I know that our upbringing and those we associate with as children go a long way toward establishing our mindset, but if that mindset is incorrect, we can if we choose, change. Mindsets, are only set in cement, if we allow. Consider though, the many images of flowers growing up within cement, trees breaking apart boulders, places such as the Grand Canyon created by water erosion. A simple thought, can cause a break in a once believed impenetrable mindset.

What we put into our mind plays a large part. What we watch, read, listen to. Whether we absorb everything or research for truth. Whether we install educational materials or junk matters.

Our actions often show more than our words. It is easy to say, ‘I will’ then don’t. It is easy to make promises then not follow through. Words are often weak, while actions are strong. When you take that step forward, actions speak. When you reach out to another, seek to assist in what ever manner you are able, you show strength. When you assist in building, clearing, feeding, clothing those in need, your actions speak, and taste oh so sweet. When we stop talking the talk of difference and walk the walk, purity of heart shows.

Our heart. We are told that the heart is deceitful but as this article says, it depends on what is put into our heart as to its condition. One who has been abused in any form. One who has been brought up in a home or neighborhood where the darkness of life is strong. Where it seems only the strongest survive. One who believes that the honest are weak and the corrupt strong. One who seeks escape through various chemical or mental methods. One who feels stronger, better, more important, more privileged. Anything that is lacking in love, compassion, kindness.

There are people who have grown up in conditions where you would think their well would be bitter, but instead they share the sweet taste of being a difference.

If you were to stop right now and do an honest self evaluation, what flows from your well?

What road does your heart take?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to May Twentieth; What Flows From Your Well?

  1. aguycalledbloke says:

    I have heard that comment before that water has no taste and yet l wondered if perhaps the sayer had no taste buds of their own? Water here in Kent this close to the coast tastes very different to the waters l used to drink in Lincolnshire away from the coast – the latter used to be fresher and cooler and the former [Kent ] is very hard water and has a heavy concentration of limestone to it so they must dose it up more chemically at the plants to make it less so, and you can literally taste the difference.

    Waters from Surrey when l grew up as a teenager were lighter and fresher, and wild waters from springs in Wales were many a time sweetened.

    I remember many years ago in Australia, drinking water from a weel outback and it was a very distincting taste too, not sweet but strange, stranger than the water from the taps in the house.

    In Malaysia, we could only drink the waters that was shipped in to the RAAF base or boiled.

    One time in Greece whilst on holiday l fell ill drinking water from a well, l vowed to never drink from a weel again.

    • Among the articles I read were the comments that some may have more delicate taste sensations so are able to pick up the various tastes such as sweeter. I agree with you that water from different areas do have their own tastes. My parents once owned a place out on the coast of NC. The well water tasted strongly of sulfur. I think many base their comments on their being accustomed to things such as bottled water which for the most part doesn’t have a flavor to it unless artificially added.

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