January Twenty First; A New Celebration

Was it by chance or design that I have the word celebration for this day? Here in the U.S. there are those celebrating a new president. Today, closer to home, it is my son and my oldest niece’s birthdays. Even more personal, I celebrate a new day. ? Sappy much? Not really, truthful.

Once upon a lifetime ago, as a youth I went with a girl scout or Sunday School group, I forget which, to a local swimming pool. We were playing a tag game of some sort, in the pool, I lost my balance and thought I was not going to regain it, therefore drown. I finally managed to get to the edge of the pool, spitting and sputtering and wondering why no one noticed. Event one.

Way back when the citizen band radio became a fad and so many had to have one in their car and home, was my second near miss.

I purchased a base station to go in my room. I was still living with my folks at the time. A local radio expert went through the radio and checked it out before I took it home. Everything was going fine. The person I purchased it from wanted to hear how it sounded so I hooked it up and went to talk with them. Immediately I was grabbed. I was being electrocuted and all I could do was call out for mom. Sounding as if I were speaking into a running box fan.
The doctor at the hospital ticked off a list of things such as water, wood, metal, etc.. that if I had came into contact with, I would not be sitting there at that moment. The radio was given away to be parted out.

I was in an automobile accident where a man rear-ended my car at a traffic light sending my car through the intersection. I spent a few weeks out of work with my back messed up. The guy that ran into my car told the officer he ran into me because he thought I was going to keep going. Sorry, I was taught red means stop.

At age fifty, I had my battle with breast cancer. My cancer was caught very early thanks to a mammogram, but it was still a battle. I know of others who have had and are having a worse fight.

Battles not only with cancer but other health issues as well. Battles that may seem minor to many, but are difficult for them. Battles that may be physical, mental, or emotional. This has been a time of struggle for all of us in some way. Battles were we wonder, will we lose, or win to see another day?

 Now here I sit, fast becoming the crazy cat lady, watching the sun playing hide and seek in the clouds and enjoying my coffee. Over the course of time, I have lost and I have gained. I have had several near misses, but I have learned even with the things I faced, minor as they were compared to others, to appreciate this life. I am here for a reason. If we are breathing, we are here for a reason. We may never know it in this life time, but we have purpose.

I celebrate the fact that I can enjoy the simple things and not be upset that it isn’t more elaborate. I celebrate the fact I can be here for my parents and more so that they are still here. I celebrate that I live where I can get outside and enjoy the peace of nature, when so many are trapped inside.  I celebrate that I have the ability to share these words, humble as they may be. Hoping that someone somewhere may get something out of them. A touch to the heart, an inspiration to the mind. 

We really do have much to celebrate. We may not like what is going on around us. We may feel frustrated over the course of life’s events. We can find ways to change that. Understand first, I am not belittling or minimizing anyone’s feelings and experiences.

If you are feeling lonely, take a moment and imagine how those in a senior home feels, especially those who have lost full understanding and feel abandoned. We cannot visit most right now as we still battle the virus, but we can take the time to write notes or send small gifts such as snacks or flowers. Call, actually call, a friend and discuss any thing, every thing, nothing. Pick words at random and discuss what you think of those words and how they manipulate life.

Feeling tired? Find ways to get needed rest. Find ways to increase your energy levels. Eat better, nutrition plays a large part in how we feel. Also though, imagine how those who are battling the front line in all this feels. Find a way, even a small way makes a difference, to let them know they are remembered, thought of and appreciated. Their tired is not merely physical, but more. After all this time, their tired goes to the soul.

Feeling trapped, bored? If possible, find a park, a green way, a local track and get outside. Hike until you feel the burn. Can’t get outside, find a good book or movie in which to get lost. Write those cards to those who feel forgotten in senior homes. Take an online class in something totally out of character for you.

Feeling inspired? Celebrate. Prepare a full course meal. Bake a fancy or not, cake. Set out the good plates and glassware. Even if you are alone, celebrate. Set up a zoom or face time meeting and share the moment.

Grab the moment and realize that every second of life, is precious. Every moment holds purpose. Every second worth fighting for. Every new day, a new celebration.

Every sunset, should have us asking, how did I celebrate today?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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