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August Eighth of the Year 2021; If I Could ask for a Gift In This my Month of Birth

Courage. I would ask for courage to stand up against the things that I see that are wrong. To stand with those already on the front lines, standing with determination and strength. To stand with those, who have educated themselves … Continue reading

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June Fourteenth; Are You Brave Enough to Battle Dragons?

Are you brave?Not the run into burning buildings, face an angry mob, or even jump from a perfectly good plane brave, but every day brave. The brave it takes to face every day with all you have and as the … Continue reading

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Day119; Footnotes of What is the Wind and Other Scary Things

  Poor Molly. She is going to be an absolute nervous wreck. The wind has blown almost constantly, all day today.  Molly, for reasons unknown to me, is terrified of the wind. It has been rare in my life when … Continue reading

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April Seventeenth; Are You Strong?

I’m sitting here staring at that title, and I am contemplating that word, strong. Am I, strong? As I went through the cancer battle, and afterwards, I was told I was strong. Even as most only knew what they saw. … Continue reading

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Day 99; Footnotes of Yes… I Can

Today was busy for me. I got Bella ready and off we went to hike the mountain at Crowder’s Mountain State Park. Our usual place for torture… I mean escape and getting into nature. The moment I parked the Jeep … Continue reading

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Day 77; Footnotes on I think I Can

Tomorrow, I need to go to our local, handy dandy home and garden center and purchase replacement parts for my toilet. No matter what I’ve tried, it won’t stop running. My son finally checked and told me that a part … Continue reading

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Is Someone Trying to Tell me Something?

Its taken what seems like forever, but I finally got through all of my email notifications. Most are from the blogs I follow. Every one of them with something to share.  Today especially it seems. I lost track of how many … Continue reading

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February Fifth; Attachment in Many Forms

 I was talking with my son last night about the feral cats I’ve been feeding. There is one with a mostly white face that is absolutely adorable. I told him that it actually came out of hiding and stood watching … Continue reading

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Footnotes of a January (22nd) Day. Thoughts on facing Fears.

I’m still somewhat in awe of how well the vaccination lines were handled this morning. The last time I spoke with my mom, there were no issues. So far so good. Still, I wanted to hang close, otherwise I think … Continue reading

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January Twenty First; A New Celebration

Was it by chance or design that I have the word celebration for this day? Here in the U.S. there are those celebrating a new president. Today, closer to home, it is my son and my oldest niece’s birthdays. Even … Continue reading

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