Time Limits

I reconnected with a long time friend last night. Our conversation has me thinking hard even as my heart weeps on the news I was given. Another long time friend is in a bad way and unless God intervenes, their time here is limited.

If the doctors are correct and if God decides their time is finished, at least they have been given time to get their house in order. My understanding is that a lot of the material has been done. My prayer, is that the spiritual has as well. Since I do not know where they are residing, I can only pray that it is so.

My thoughts are beliefs are rather simple. We are born, we have a purpose in this life. God loves us, and seeks a relationship with us. Our time here in this life, on this journey is set. We do not know how long our life will be, so we should seek to spend that time living as Jesus the Christ. Something that can be done with and by the gifts we are given. It can be by humble methods or more grand, depending on the gifts. Billy Graham was an genuine man of God and with great oratory skills. There are many ordinary people, who simply give to those in need, by quietly helping without the fanfare. Done in secret, yet still the work of Godly people. My thoughts, the work done out of the public eye, that is the more special for it is done in love and obedience, not for the attention.

We only have so much time to do these things. I do know, that there are many who are given little to no time to actually, physically do anything. They did however, no matter the age, touch hearts. A heart that has been touched, has been changed.

I have read the articles and watched the videos of young people stepping up and helping people whom they see in need. Their actions done not for the glory, but because it was the right thing to do. It is the same from the other side of the spectrum, where the geriatric hold a newborn, where they knit caps or blankets. Simple, gentle acts, that go so far.

We don’t know, how long our natural life will be. It is not for us to know, it is simply for us to act, to live in a way that makes a difference. We are to live in a way, that makes life better for those around us, and helps those around us be better.

We can do this, by being a little more patient. Whether we are in a line of traffic, a line in a store, or any other situation that makes us wait. We can do this with those who through what ever means, ‘gets on our last nerve’. That last nerve, can be much stronger than we may think. Be more understanding of the young child who is learning, and the elderly who have forgotten. The child learning balance, and the elderly losing balance.

We can do this by showing kindness. We never know what the person serving us in any fashion, has dealt with before us. Their day may have been seriously made difficult, we can make it better by remaining calm, remaining patient, remaining kind. You can see a person’s whole attitude shift and improve through one simple act of kindness and respect.

We can do it through compassion. Whether it is an individual of any age, or animal, an act of compassion during their time of need, goes far. I once watched an individual’s face when they were given a sandwich and drink. A simple act to satisfy hunger went a long way. I have witnessed the expressions of those who were shown compassion through the simple act of holding a door open, of lifting a package, of getting an item too high to reach, off a shelf. Watching the face of one who has gotten turned around in a store or on the road and given the directions that helps them find their way.

We can do it through respect. Respecting those who are more senior than us in age or experience. Respecting those who are there to guide, direct, protect us. Yes, respect for some can be lost. If one takes advantage and misuses any power that comes with the position, then respect for them is damaged or removed. For those who are genuine, who do their best to make life better, respect should be given. Whether they are owner or manager of a company. Whether they are military or first responder. Whether they are instructors or any part of a medical team. Respect should be given until proven misplaced.

We can do it, by seeking understanding that we are all different, and yet we are the same. We are different nationality, different age, different gender. We have different social status, different educational levels, different life styles. Yet we are all of the human race. I’ve said this before, we are all like pieces of a puzzle. Different shapes and colors, separately we are a jumble, put together it-we make a beautiful picture.

We can do it, but living our life in a manner, that makes a difference. We can be and create the difference needed to make life better. We can build, we can bring together, we can bridge the divide. We can make life a beautiful experience for all whom we touch, if we dare. If we will step up and act. Because we do all have an expiration date.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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