You Do, What You Must

They have names…for now. Hopefully once well they will find forever homes and of course their new family is free to give them a new name that fits their home. The black and white male, I’ve given the name of Moxie, because if anyone has it, this little beast does. He reminds me of Simba from Lion King in a way because of his kitten growl. And he does love to growl. Due to his small size though, its all bluff and bluster. The Tortie is Mojo, because she has this wonderful charm about her. She will hiss a bit, but then move in close for snuggles.

I had decided last night on the names after seeing them in a different post over on social media about two cats with those names being adopted. I looked up the meaning of the words which helped in the final decision. This is what I shared over on my social media page:

I think that I’m going to call the black and white kitten Moxie because it means: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.Aggressive energy; initiative. Silly beast has a cute growl.

The Tortie I think Mojo because: An ability or quality that causes one to excel or have good luck. A magic charm. She just has a way to cause you to want to snuggle.

Its funny how much like human toddlers they are, especially when it comes to taking their medicine. If they could talk I know I’d be hearing, through gritted teeth, “I don’t need medicine”. I did however manage to give them the antibiotic and clean and medicate their eyes. Cleaned out their temporary home and had this bright idea. I still have left over puppy pads. I can line the kennel with those rather than only using newspaper. One sign the kittens are improving, Mojo decided she wanted to play with the edge of the pad that wasn’t flat on the floor. She also was doing her best to slip through the slight gap in the make shift kennel. (Two wire cat carriers zip tied together) This meant placing newspaper on top of that, and finding a couple kitten toys for them. One of those toys is the required bell in ball. If they play with that one, our official cat is going to hear and do her best to find out what or who is making that noise. So far none of the animal members of this family has realized we have visitors.

As I think of the kittens though, and my comment on how much like children they are, I have to consider, we are all to some degree that way. Something may be very good for us, whether it is for our physical, mental or emotional health, our social life or any other part of our life, but we resist. We struggle against the part we desperately dislike. We may have to change eating habits, giving up something we love for better physical health. We may have to distance ourselves from someone we are in any form of relationship with, for better mental health. We may have to leave our comfort zone, to see that life isn’t as scary as we make it out to be in our imagination.

With kittens and toddlers, we the big people, can eventually get our way and take care of what the young need. As the big people, we have to take care of ourselves. There may be a time when as those who took care of us when we were those toddlers who fought against what we needed, will need us to step up and take care of them. The rolls reversed.We need to do, what they did for us. When we came along, they sat aside many of the things they could have been doing, to take care of the family they have created. Now, as aging brings about limitations, we need to step up and take care of them, as they did us. It isn’t easy, taking care of others rarely is a simple task. It requires being there, it requires listening, helping when needed, it requires understanding and patience. Often, it requires a certain gentleness, but can also require on other occasions a toughness that may be difficult, but necessary. I had to hold the kittens tightly to give them the medicine, I’ve had to stand up and tell my dad, “do not, do that”. Both were not easy, both were necessary. But when you are taking care of them, you do what you must. When you are taking care of you, then too, you do what you must.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to You Do, What You Must

  1. Good choices! Both of those names are really cute. And studies have shown that animals are more comfortable when they can associate a certain sound as being unique to them.

    Of course, some of our long-term kitties have gone through a string of names. They get an “official” name but often times we end up using nicknames and whatnot, and they still respond. Maybe it’s more the sounds of our voices and the tones we use…

    • I haven’t given the cats nicknames as much as I have the dogs. Bella goes all gooey when I call her Baby Girl. For some reason Molly responds but a bit differently when I call her Goof Ball.

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