Considering Attachments

Yesterday while searching for the chimney brush my brother managed to walk through weeds ending up with Beggar’s Lice stuck to his work pants. For those who do not know, these are the seeds of plants. Hitching a ride being their method of transportation to other areas for growth.  My brother wondered where he had walked that he managed to get so many stuck to his pants. This time of year, all you have to do is walk outside around here and I would imagine any rural, wooded areas.

This morning my mother called mildly distraught. If you’ve read some of my writings, you may have seen where my mother who will straight up tell you she isn’t a cat person, has become attached to a solid black, now half grown cat. She called me all excited the other morning because the cat let her pet it for the first time. It is usually waiting outside every morning waiting to be fed and will as cats do, get underfoot. She has managed to get it to wait now at the foot of the steps for breakfast. This morning, not only was it not waiting to be fed, it did not come when called. And she was worried. She asked me to ask my son when he got up if he would check to see if her cat had gotten caught in the live trap my great nephew had placed behind one of their out buildings. (He’s trying to catch a possum or raccoon for some reason. I don’t ask too many questions any more.) I told her I would and the call ended.

I sat here for a while thinking about her request. I wasn’t sure what time my son would get up and I wasn’t going to bother him, even though I knew he would honor the request. Instead I got dressed and headed for the building she mentioned. I walked behind their house first to see if it might have shown up but I saw no sign of the cat. I then walked behind the building carefully watching for any reptiles or arachnids that I didn’t care to meet. I was also listening closely for the sounds of an unhappy, trapped animal. After wandering around the woods for a while I decided to look inside the building. Mom had told me that she thought that the cats and probably other animals were accessing the building through the small chimney. Shoving open the door I made my way through hanging spiderweb to reach the light. When I turned the light on I did hear something moving inside the building. I backed out and went inside mom’s house to see if she would call the cat and see if that was what was inside. The minute I opened the door she told me the cat had come back. Happy for its return I went to close up the building. It was then I noticed my own shoes and jeans. I had many times the amount clinging to me that my brother had to deal with yesterday. As I made ready to leave, mom asked how much water was in the hole that my brother had dug trying to find the water line so as to track down the leak. It appeared to be two thirds of the way full. This has us thinking it is a pin hole allowing a small amount of water to escape at a time. Until its repaired the cats have a close supply of water anyway.

When I walked back up to my house I used cotton balls to remove most of the Beggar Lice. I had to pick the ones stuck to the laces of my shoes as the cotton balls were taking too long. It only took a few moments to get it all removed and disposed of properly. I know though, this will not be the last time I have to deal with this, especially if I go out into either my own or my parent’s yards as the plants bearing this are everywhere.

As I sit here, recounting this morning’s adventure it has me considering some things.

Even when we declare that something won’t happen, there are times that it actually might just work its way in. We may become so arrogant and dependent on our own strength and abilities, that we don’t notice or believe when what what we do vehemently declare won’t, actually did. Or maybe, we aren’t as strong as we believe and allow our defenses to be worn down until we give in and allow things into our life that we shouldn’t.

It was a kitten that showed up and got my mother’s attention. Feeding and befriending a cat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The concern is if she isn’t fully careful and the kitten causes her to trip and fall down the back steps. Because I am almost positive that she doesn’t carry phone or whistle with her, if she fell it may be a while before she is found.

When we allow the wrong people into our life, or become involved in the wrong lifestyle, we could fall into harm and not be found for a while. Many times the finding comes too late.

We can become distraught and overly concerned over things when we shouldn’t. We can become the over thinker. The one who will work out all the bad things that could happen, even as the possibility is small to nonexistent. The fear we create and build causing us to either send us out looking for answers, seeking others to find the answers, or hiding away, afraid of the coming imagined results.

It did not hurt me to go down and tramp about in the woods for a few minutes, I need the exercise. It didn’t cause any harm to come to me in the quest to ease her fears. It was as much of a relief to me as her to find out the cat had returned on its own. Silly thing probably was warm and overslept.

My thoughts are, that as we go about this life, no matter who we are, no matter what we are doing, there are going to be things that manage to become attached to us. Bad habits, wrong thought processes, people who shouldn’t be, addictions of any sort. Yes, overeating, television, simple things can also become an addiction. These will cling to us causing us to have to clean them away often. Some things one never fully gets over, some things need repeated clearing away. Even if it is merely in our thoughts and not actions.

My beliefs? It is when we attempt to do it all on our own, where the mistakes happen. It is when we attempt to do things under our own strengths, we find out how weak we are. When we believe we can, we find out that more often, we can’t. Not along, not on our own. For me, as my faith has deepened, as my faith has strengthened, as my dependence on God has grown, I am finding it easier to deal with what comes. It is easier to allow God, to remove the Beggar Lice that clings to my life, appearing in the day to day. Even as I understand that I am a sojourner, a student, ever learning, ever leaning on Him to show me His way to be. Each of us have our own path to travel. As individual as we are, so is our walk, so are our trials and lessons. We strengthen with every storm. We grow with every stumble. We learn with every step taken with Him. We transition to being more like Jesus, showing more compassion and love with each step taken. When that is what clings to me, I will treasure it, even as I hope to spread and share the love.

I seriously dislike the camera on my phone..

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Considering Attachments

  1. John says:

    Great post, Rebecca. Can the cat help your mom in some way? I hope that she never trips on the cat! I’ve never heard of Beggar’s Lice but have had those things on my shoes years ago. Annoying and hard to remove. I despise spiders!

  2. WebbBlogs says:

    Are I know you mentioned beggers lice our seeds but with a word like “lice” I pictured a bunch of bugs on your shoes. Lol

  3. WebbBlogs says:

    That last message came out a little odd but hopefully you understood it lol

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