April Twenty-eighth; It Happened at Walmart

Well I wasn’t expecting that.

I had managed to run completely out of cat food for the official cat. To say she was not happy, is beyond an understatement. Around three this afternoon I decided I had better head for the store, cats can be devious and I really wanted to be able to sleep unafraid tonight. So over the river and through the woods to the big box store I go.

I stopped at a pet supply store first. Dad was needing a scooper for when they walked their dog. He had somehow managed to break the one they had. I walked in the door and immediately saw two gorgeous Shepherds. One a short hair and the other all nice and fluffy with long hair. Both of the owners and dogs were very friendly. I spent over a half hour in the store visiting with people and pets before finding the selection the store had. Expensive and not what would work with dad. Leaving there I headed for Walmart and the cat food.

Once there and parked I walked inside and grabbed a buggy.  And then, the Walmart factor fell into play.

I had saw a post on social media about a certain dish washing liquid that works in many amazing ways, cleaning up things you would have never expected. One of those goes into the buggy.

I checked to see if they had the dog food that my mother’s dog loves, but no. I walked around to the cat food where I got into a conversation with a very lovely lady. I picked several cans of the food my cat has started eating while we talked.  We discussed cats, cat health, areas where we live, when we were interrupted by someone needing by the spell was broken and off I went into the depths of the store.

I had noticed that wally world didn’t have a scoop for the dog droppings so I thought I’d wander off to where the clearance stuff was located in case there was a forgotten/missed fireplace shovel. There wasn’t but since I was right at the garden center I strolled inside. I decided to purchase a couple packs of seeds, realizing that its late, but maybe I could get the seeds to grow in place of the plants I lost. Into the buggy and off I went.

I needed a new belt as the one I have is showing signs of breaking soon. The one I chose was clearance priced. Tossing it into the buggy I moved on. Near the belts a selection of purses hung on the end of a display. Originally they were thirty dollars, they were now seven and a half on clearance. Near that was a clear beach looking bag. That looked exactly what I could use if and when I went to a race with my son.

I went to see if they had a pecan pie that my dad loves but no. They did however have my son’s favorite pizza so two of those went into the buggy. I knew I was going to be back up there tomorrow for groceries but the pizza might not have been there and I was taking no chances.

I then headed to check out. Being Walmart there were not many registers open so I simply chose one and waited. When I was finally the next one in line I noticed that a young man had walked up behind me with only one item. I feared that I might have difficulties with the clearance stuff so I told him he could go ahead. I’ve done this before as it never bothers me to wait a couple more minutes.

Here is where it got interesting.

The young man paid for his item and then told the employee to put the change on my order. She asked if he was sure and he told her yes, that I had let him go before me so put his change toward my bill. Taking his receipt he disappeared into the crowd leaving the store. When the lady placed several bills and change, that added up to almost ten dollars, in my hand I was amazed. It was unexpected and unnecessary but very much appreciated.

Gathering up my purchases I headed for my car, still somewhat in awe of what had happened. I share this here to say, there are still good people out there. More than we may realize because we hear more about the bad going on than the good. So I sit here writing this wanting to say, thank you kind man, thank you for your generosity. You and your act of kindness is appreciated and won’t be forgotten.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to April Twenty-eighth; It Happened at Walmart

  1. WebbBlogs says:

    My sister has a key to my car. One day she decided to surprise me and take my car for an oil change. When she went to the counter to pay the clerk told her the man before her had already paid for it. I think it was around 50 dollars. She was so surprised. Here she had originally set out to do an act of kindness for me, but she ended up receiving one instead. Yes there are still some good people out there. 😁

  2. Thanks for sharing. Quite interesting and take care 🙂

  3. pkadams says:

    God Bless him! And I loved hearing about your meandering through Walmart . Sounds like my kind of shopping.

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