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Day 359; Footnotes of My Son Was Right

What a relief. I’m fairly sure it has been obvious to any and all how stressed I have been. Worries over how things I was cooking would turn out and the disappointment in not being able to gift more than … Continue reading

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Day 204; Footnotes of Trust and Obey

I feel bad. Apparently I have either lost a chunk of money, or I have put it in a safe place that is even safe from me. A couple of weeks ago I put some money in my purse to … Continue reading

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April Twenty-eighth; Anxiety is Not Your Friend, or Is It?

What a morning for this to be the word of the day. As my son was preparing to leave for work he told me they were having a group meeting around nine. Have fun, don’t hurt anyone, see ya maybe … Continue reading

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Night Time is the Right Time for Over Thinking and Over Worrying

  If my mother taught me anything, she taught me how to worry, and over think too much. My son has made the comment that I have since over come the master. And no, you’re right, he didn’t mean it … Continue reading

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Footnotes of January Fourteenth

  Today was an interesting, out of the ordinary yet not day. Things I had planned to do, didn’t get done. Things that had been on my mind, but wasn’t planning, did get done, sorta. In a round about rigged … Continue reading

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November Fourth; World and Worry Weary

 Every morning  since the end of March and I was laid off from my job, my mother has called me. Sometimes more than once a day, but at least, every morning. It is her way of greeting and beginning the … Continue reading

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