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Day Fifty; Footnotes and Photos

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Day 309; Footnotes Pet the Squirrel

Pet the squirrel. I had not even finished writing this morning’s blog when my mother called. She needed me to walk her dog. Dad wasn’t home and they always walked her around eleven. I had a little over ten minutes … Continue reading

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Day 297; Footnotes of Memories and Missing

 Another sad anniversary is approaching fast. I’m not sure I am ready. I was sitting here this afternoon and felt the need to go walking in the woods out back. I haven’t really walked the woods lately other than down … Continue reading

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Day 225; Footnotes Down the Trail and Into the Woods

Today, was a day of struggles. How many times did I dose off? How many times, did mom call and wake me? Will all those catnaps bring about another night of little to no sleep? Only time will answer that … Continue reading

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Day 105; Footnotes of Sure Mom

It is always good, to feel wanted and needed. Mom called, was it today or yesterday?  She asked if I would mow their back yard. It was bothering dad that it was getting high. Sure mom. I’m not finished with … Continue reading

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April Fourteenth; Why do I Feel Guilty?

I keep saying I would love to get up to the mountain to get my hiking in earlier, and yet…here I sit. I’ve almost finished a pot of coffee, I’ve fed the cats and talked with mom, which didn’t go … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; The Three Bears in the Magic Wood part one

Blogophilia, one of the most fun writing challenges between here and Mars. https://marvgrn08.wordpress.com/2021/03/21/blogophilia-week-2-14-the-three-bears/?fbclid=IwAR2llf6g7JyZcVXO_ZXvkovBVitX4EaUfHIyj2btd9eewZh3VdSWwKMum-4 It Begins Have you ever had one of those days that was going so well, that you knew, something was wrong? That at any moment, that wonderful … Continue reading

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Day 334; Footnotes of a Hike, in Search of Color

 I had to remind myself that it is the end of November.  Yesterday as I was leaving out, I noticed I had roses blooming. As I drove farther up the road I noticed that a neighbor’s Iris were blooming. Spring … Continue reading

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Rainy Days, Weekends and all Those Fond Memories

  Its Friday, I’ve completed another work week. I have the weekend before me, and I did have lots of plans for that time. Only now of course it is raining. That means no yard work, not unless it decides … Continue reading

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