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Day Seventy-eight; Footnotes and Thoughts on Today’s Project

I hurt. Today would have been so much easier if I had a tractor or other way to simply push that pile down the hill. But, I don’t so it was a slow, manual process. One I didn’t finish but … Continue reading

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Day 271; Footnotes Happy and Grateful to Help

Just get it over with already. Right after lunch I took mom to the bank. We spent more time driving over there and back than we did in the bank but that’s a good thing. As we were pulling in … Continue reading

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Day 254; Footnotes of I Will Be Thankful

I was late changing out of what my son calls my retirement uniform today.  (My pajamas.) Anyway, I had a reason. First, I talk with mom around 8:30 in the morning. Then I try to get my morning blog written. … Continue reading

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June Eighteenth; Its About Heart.

Today had a unique  beginning. That started just after midnight to be precise. I knew that the people who have firewood for me were arriving around seven this morning to borrow the wood splitter. That meant I needed to be … Continue reading

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January Nineteenth; Footnotes of a Learning Curve Along a New Trail

  I’ve made mention many times that we are always learning something. Many times whether we want to, are seeking it, or not. I got handed several lessons today, and they pretty much covered the board. Now, as I sit … Continue reading

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Day Thirteen; Footnotes of ‘HA! I did it!”

 I did it all right, but I am so paying for what I did. The weather prognosticators have been passing out warnings that a Polar Vortex was coming. It would be the coldest temperatures we had seen so far this … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; Stay or Go?

What, is Blogophilia? One of the more interesting writing challenges between Earth and mars. Should we stay in 2020 or go to 2021? I do believe we know the answer to that question… Come join us in Blogophilia, the place … Continue reading

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