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August Sixteenth; In This My Month of Birth, If I Could Ask For a Gift, I Would Request

Lessons in the raindrops. I went to bed last night, or rather this morning as it was just past the stroke of twelve, listening to the sound of rain. Not a heavy, dangerous rain, the slow kind that soaks in … Continue reading

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Day 201; Footnotes of Rubber Ducky, You’re Not the One

Its jazz night on the Dirt Road. I’m listening to the sounds of the crickets out back and the sounds of jazz coming from across the road. Its actually not an issue, they are doing a better job with this … Continue reading

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Raindrops on….

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May Twenty-second; Warmer..Warmer…War..mer..Hot

Yesterday was a non-day. Thanks to that case of vertigo that struck out of nowhere I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening flat on my back. Quietly waiting on the world to quit tilting every time I … Continue reading

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Day 140; Footnotes of Plenty

 So there I was this morning, minding my own and everyone else’s online business when I happened to glance out the window.  There were two big dogs in my back yard. That was my two big dogs, how did they … Continue reading

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May Twentieth; What Flows From Your Well?

Many years ago we suffered through an extreme drought in this area. Because of it many wells, including ours, went dry. We got in line to have a new well bored and thankfully they hit water on the first try. … Continue reading

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Blogophilia; By The Water

I sit by the water pondering, contemplating The meaning of life of the days we have the moments we live I watch the ripples as they roll, a smooth disturbance ever widening ever expanding Do they hold the secret within … Continue reading

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Day112; Footnotes of Does Anybody Care Anymore

What are we doing? Maybe, just maybe, it seems trivial to some. Maybe, others simply cannot see the importance. Maybe, some simply don’t care.  By now, if you’ve read much of what I’ve written, you realize how much I love … Continue reading

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Well That was Interesting

Bella and I went to Crowder’s Mountain State Park to hike the mountain. She loves to go up there and the minute I let her inside to get her halter on, she was sitting looking from me to it as … Continue reading

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Day 95; Footnotes of Catch Me If You Can

 Bella is not going to be happy with me. Molly has worn a training collar for almost a year now, for the longest, Bella would also react to the sound of the beep on Molly’s collar. At times she even … Continue reading

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