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Yes, I was triggered. And yes, I am going to discuss it.  If conversations about domestic violence triggers you, then you may want to skip this one. A conversation over on social media has brought this to mind. Bear in … Continue reading

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I’ve been away

My son took me on an adventure, and what an adventure it was. One thing that I do not do, is announce when I am not going to be home for an extended period. For short excursions the dogs are … Continue reading

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Don’t Poke the Bear

The following was written yesterday, followed by today’s thoughts. Its bothering me, I won’t lie. One reason I did not watch the trial and not a lot of the videos is because of the potential triggers. It has been thirty-nine … Continue reading

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Day155; Footnotes of Letting Go and Seeking the Second Star to the Right

I had a surprise today. I walked outside to make my way around to my walking circle and spooked three, large deer that were in my backyard. I had no idea they were there so there are no photos. They … Continue reading

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Day 289- footnotes and feelings

I, am an empathic Christian. Loving my neighbor, is not a problem, its a way of life. Doing what I can, to help my neighbor, is a part of that. Who, is my neighbor? Everyone. The person across the road … Continue reading

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