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Not Just Another Blogophilia Write; Memories of Tomorrow

What on Earth or Mars is blogophilia? Just one of the more fun and entertaining writer’s challenges between Earth and Mars. Check it out here: https://marvgrn08.wordpress.com/2021/02/07/blogophilia-week-49-13-memories-of-tomorrow/?fbclid=IwAR2cqozHrkFn434tbkEA_ptJ-WZsj03atfIQLBL_FcpWvsiaZSTE4Gw_b0E Maybe it is because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Maybe it is because sometimes, out … Continue reading

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Day Forty-three- Footnotes of a Weird, Annoying, Learning Day

There are those moments when I’m glad my son doesn’t listen to me. Today held one of those.  If you read my prior post about doing it for love, you know I went and picked up my son from work … Continue reading

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Footnotes of Day Thirty-Two; Dear Self

So, it is the month of love. Why do we try to restrict the acknowledgment of things to certain, limited days?  Anniversaries are one day, Grandparents have a day, bosses have a day. If we look, calendars are marked with … Continue reading

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