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September Thirtieth; Discarding the Rubbish

A large truck pulled up across the dirt road a few moments ago. I can hear the sound of the stuff that was left behind when the neighbors moved out being tossed into the bed of the truck. The neighbors … Continue reading

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Day156; Footnotes of Taking Out the Trash

My son is not going to be happy. I’ve been doing some cleaning. Stuff that had no purpose and simply needed to be thrown away. All of their usefulness long worn away. All of those old papers that had piled … Continue reading

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May Eighteenth; What’s in Your Storage Building?

Over to one side of the yard, is our  storage building. Dad had it built when he and mom still lived in this house. His intentions were to open a bait and tackle shop, instead it stored his boat. Buying … Continue reading

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Day112; Footnotes of Does Anybody Care Anymore

What are we doing? Maybe, just maybe, it seems trivial to some. Maybe, others simply cannot see the importance. Maybe, some simply don’t care.  By now, if you’ve read much of what I’ve written, you realize how much I love … Continue reading

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Day 96: Footnotes of Why?

 I knew what I was going to do as soon as I found out how warm it was going to be today. Bella had been wanting to go so badly, and I’ll admit, that I did as well. After getting … Continue reading

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