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Day 183; Footnotes of How Does Your Garden Grow?

Oh….Wow. My garden is small, even smaller this year than usual. Money was tight and I could only afford so many plants. I have absolutely no luck trying to grow from seeds, so I try to catch when the plants … Continue reading

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Day 180; Footnotes..I’m Freezing

No, not that kind of freezing. Especially since the phone says its 85F or 29.4C. So no, I’m definitely not freezing. I am however enjoying the breeze flowing in through the open windows and the sounds of the crickets filling … Continue reading

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Day 179; Footnotes of “So Now I’m The Bad Guy”

Well, maybe in their eyes, but enough was enough was too much. I did something today that I have been trying so hard not to have to do. I called our local animal control over the problems I’ve been dealing … Continue reading

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Day 168; Footnotes How Does Your Garden Grow, How Does Your Day Go?

I spent today just doing today. But today, made sure I didn’t get slack. I enjoyed my coffee. I enjoyed reading. I enjoyed watching the hummingbird as they visited the feeders outside my windows. I learned a much safer way … Continue reading

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Day 133; Footnotes of Cut What?

First off to my fellow North Carolinians–y’all, cut it out. Stop it. Y’all are really making us look foolish to the rest of the country if not the world. Because reading this article, makes us look like the biggest bunch … Continue reading

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