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For Everything There is a Season, and Time Waits for no Man

“Time and tide wait for no man” (https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/time+and+tide+wait+for+no+man) Sitting here alone in the house, just me, two dogs and an entitled cat, there is plenty of time to think…and reminiscence. There is a coolness to the breeze coming in the … Continue reading

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October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

 Another day, another month. Here we sit, October has arrived. The tenth month of the year. Some may wonder, how did we get here so quickly? Others may be asking, what has taken so long? And yet, here we are… … Continue reading

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July First; No Such Thing As Too Soon

It’s too soon. Seriously, this is not what I wanted to see when looking out my window. Signs of Autumn. How can that be? I won’t lie that it was a serious shock to the system. Yes, I know that … Continue reading

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